Sunday, March 1, 2015

Bite Beauty Butter Cream Lipstick: Heather

Bite Beauty has introduced a new line of Butter Cream lipsticks for Spring 2015 ($28) in eight shades that are described as universal neutrals. What is unique about these is the "hand cut" technique Bite Beauty came up with to remove the waxy outer layer to expose the creamy core within. I'm not a fan of the flat top, but feel that the amazing creamy texture of these lipsticks more than makes up for any perceived flaws in design. At first glance, you may wonder if you are getting less product, but these actually contain .15 oz. vs. .13 oz in Bite's Luminous Creme lipsticks.

I found these at Sephora this weekend and had gone in planning to pick up the warm nude shade Caramel, but Heather caught my eye at the display and I dropped it in my basket and when I came home I realized I had forgotten Caramel, so ordered it online instead. These two shades seemed to be the most wearable for my skin tone, but the darker and cooler shades are sure to look lovely on others! Temptalia has compiled swatches of all eight shades, which are very helpful if you are unable to make it into a store to try these in person. After looking at her swatches I'm tempted to give Rosewood a try next.

Heather is a flattering neutral rose--a great "my lips, but better" sort of shade. It provides a nice sheen and the texture is creamy, but not heavy or sticky. The formula feels comfortable and is as hydrating on the lips as a balm would be, but with much more pigment. I did not notice any strong fragrance or taste. The wear time seems about average for a non-matte lipstick. Overall, I am loving both this shade and the Butter Cream formula! I do wish these were slightly less expensive but the formula is a winner, and if you spot a shade you like, I think these are definitely worth the splurge.  
Bite Beauty Butter Cream Lipstick in the shade Heather

Bite Beauty Butter Cream Lipstick in the shade Heather

I applied a couple of swipes of Heather for the semi-sheer effect you see here because I don't like the way dark lip colors look on me, but this shade can be applied a bit more heavily to achieve an opaque, slightly deeper rose. I think this shade will suit a wide range of skin tones. 

Have you had a chance to try the Butter Cream lipsticks yet? If so, what are your favorite shades? 

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Bobbi Brown Calypso Cheek Palette from the Spring 2015 Hot Collection


Bobbi Brown is kicking off the spring season with the "Hot" Collection, which includes three limited edition blush trios ($45), Pink, Berry, and Calypso. Of course, I went with the lightest trio, Calypso, although I really wanted to take all three palettes--they are that pretty!   

The Calypso palette includes the shades Pretty Coral, Calypso, and Coral Sugar. Pretty Coral and Coral Sugar were first introduced last summer in the Cheeky Color collection and are permanent shades. I believe the middle shade, Calypso, may be a limited-edition shade. I could not find it listed on Bobbi's website.

  • Pretty Coral is a wearable coral-pink shade, with a matte finish. It is slightly warmer than Coral Sugar.
  • Calypso is classified as a "Sparkle Powder" and is meant to be used as a highlighter. It is a beautiful iridescent pinky-peach without any micro-glitter or sparkly particles. It is a perfect companion to either of the blush shades included in this palette. 
  • Coral Sugar is a soft pink-nectar shade with a matte finish.  

Both of the blush shades have a finely milled, slightly powdery texture, with good pigmentation. Although they appear somewhat bold in the pan, they are not overly pigmented so you do not have to fear clown cheeks on the first swipe of your brush, as can sometimes happen with more intense shades. I find it's easier to add product as needed than to remove it!

The packaging is very sleek and compact. Each blush pan contains .12 oz/3.4 g. of product, which is very near the amount contained in Bobbi's standard-sized blushes (.13 oz/3.7 g.), which run for $27. At $45 for three shades, this palette is a great value. I am loving all three of these shades and can't think of a more lovely selection for spring-time!

Left to right: Pretty Coral, Calypso, and Coral Sugar

Left to right: Pretty Coral, Calypso, and Coral Sugar 

For everyone who is dealing with frigid temperatures and snowstorms right now, take heart--spring is almost here! 

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day!

Wearing a new Sephora Formula X shade "Blushing"

Wishing everyone a very happy Valentine's Day!