Sunday, February 7, 2010

Boots No. 7

Occasionally I like to stop by the local Target and check out what's new in the cosmetic department. I've often passed the Boots No. 7 display and have wanted to try some of the products out but the items are sealed and there are no testers :/ so I wasn't sure if it would be worth it to take a chance on something that I might be disappointed with once I got it home... But today the single eyeshadows were marked down from $5.99 to only $2.98(!) -- a price per item that's less than my morning Starbucks fix, so I decided to go ahead and pick up a few.

I chose 30 Midnight Blue: a medium-dark iridescent sapphire blue; 70 Innocence: a matte bisque shade with the very slightest bit of shimmer; 50 Tender: a peachy-pink with very fine metallic shimmer; and 15 Truffle, a very pretty shimmery, medium brownish-taupe that leans toward the pink side on my fair skin. Innocence would make a nice highlighter/blending shade and could be used to blend out virtually any other color and is a nice mix between matte and shimmer. The texture and pigmentation of all of these are above-average. 

From left to right: Truffle, Tender, Innocence, Midnight Blue 
(Photo above in natural light & below in flash lighting.)

All in all I'm pretty pleased with my drugstore deal! 

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