Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Chantecaille: Sylvie's Personal Palette (and some new shoes!)

Got a great deal on these new pumps today. The flowery print reminds me of Chantecaille's Sylvie's Personal Palette, one of my very favorites. The colors are basic but so pretty, and the texture is superb. 

Isn't the rose design lovely? 

Here are some swatches. The highlight color at the end is matte and barely shows up, since it's almost the same color as my skin.

Although the blush looks quite bright in this photo, it looks natural on the face.  

(without flash)

(without flash)

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  1. I've got this sudden obsession for everything Chantecaille now... it all started with an amazing experience I had one afternoon at a Bloomingdale's counter-- the rest of the beauty floor was a mad house and here was this counter with a very sweet MA and a pristine space with gorgeous neutrals... what's not to love, right? So anyway I stepped in and have been hooked since, I wish I hadn't missed out on all the gorgeous LE palettes now.. oh well!
    I actually tried getting this Sylvie plalette from their website because it was listed but hesitated too long before it was gone.
    Have you been a Chantecaille fan for long?

  2. I LOVE Chantecaille! For a long time I only had a single blush from them (Delight) but then last year started adding a few palettes, lipsticks & some of their single eyeshadows. They really do have some of the most beautiful palettes on the market! :)


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