Saturday, March 27, 2010

Dolce & Gabbana Blossom Eye Duo

The purple shade on the left side is very similar to MAC's Stars 'n Rockets. The shade on the right is a cranberry-rose. I can't think of an exact dupe, at least in my collection. 

This looks like it may be similar to Nars' Caravaggio duo, but I haven't tested that one personally.

Don't let these bright shades fool you--they may look scary in the pan, but apply softly and are surprisingly flattering. The Blossom #103 duo is currently available at  


  1. MAC Stars n Rockets, with Cover Girl Melt Down Mauve single shadow. I think those are exact dupes.

  2. Rebecca, Thanks - I will have to check out CG Melt Down Mauve. I should update this post with swatches! :)


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