Sunday, April 25, 2010

Saks Friends & Family: Chanel Glossimers

I took advantage of the Saks Friends & Family discount to stock up on some Chanel Glossimers. I was unable to resist the attraction of the sparkles and shimmer underneath the strategically-placed department store lighting. Oh so bad for my wallet!

Meteore #128
Pin-up #42
Sunset Gold #64
Paillettes #93
Mica #131
Galactic #98
Seashell #87
Twinkle #11
Silex #126

My go-to Glossimer over the last year or so has been Beige Guitare #121. Although there are many other similar glosses on the market, none are quite as pretty! Following are a few comparisons. Note that Burt's Bees is more transparent & less frosty than the others, but is a nice natural alternative.

While at Saks today I stopped by the new Kilian perfume counter and was lucky enough to be given a couple of small samples by my knowledgeable sales associate, Walter. I was impressed by some of Kilian's unique scents and sophisticated black packaging. Walter explained that Kilian is a member of the Hennessy family (famous for their cognac), and for years he worked as a "nose" for such perfume houses as Giorgio Armani, Christian Dior, among others, but grew tired of scents being produced only for mass market appeal rather than for the actual art of the fragrance, so he decided to create his own line. I really liked Back to Black, an interesting unisex scent with notes of tobacco and honey.

This weekend I've noticed a few women sporting the cute new Tiffany-blue Chanel nail polish, Nouvelle Vague. This shade could be hard to pull off depending on your outfit, but I think it looks especially nice when worn on the toes with a white summer dress. And it would definitely look great poolside! 

And lastly, here's a look at a cute set of OPI polishes I picked up at Sephora today:

(Modern Flower mini collection, $18)

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

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