Sunday, June 13, 2010

Aveda Nourish-Mint Lipstick

I have long been a fan of Aveda's lipsticks. I love that they are long lasting, and have a great minty scent and cooling effect on the lips when first applied. One of the cons is that they can be kind of dry and matte on the lips, but that's one of the reasons they last so long. All of the colors I've tried are well-pigmented. With the darker shades of these lipsticks, a little goes a long way! The price is fairly reasonable, at $15. My long-time favorites have been "Sun" (not pictured) and "Lychee Splash." Aveda products are available at many spas and salons, but I've found that while my local salons have a lot of the hair styling products, they don't restock the cosmetics, so I ordered a couple of items from the Aveda website. I had a lot of trouble finding swatches and photos online, so decided to post the shades I purchased in case anyone is interested in trying these.

Fossil is a wearable, neutral brownish-plummy/pink with a hint of gold shimmer.

Lychee Splash is a brighter pink with lots of gold shimmer - very pretty!

Kashmir Brown is a neutral, brownish-mauve with a subtle glow. Depending on your skin tone, this one might give a bit of a washed out effect, but looks great topped with a shimmery light pink lipgloss. It reminds me a bit of MAC's Eden Rocks lipstick (see comparison photos below), but is a little bit darker and warmer.

Foxglove is a pink lip pencil that looks a little bright, but is suprisingly versatile and pretty on. It's a perfect match with Lychee Splash, but works well with Fossil, too.

Left to right: Fossil, Lychee Splash, Kashmir Brown

Happy Sunday everyone! Enjoy :)

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