Saturday, July 31, 2010

Burberry Lip Cover Heather Rose No. 05

Well, it's been a few weeks since the launch of Burberry Beauty, and my orders from Nordstrom have been trickling in. I will try to post photos of the products little by little. Today's post features a lipstick I ordered unseen and am quite happy with. (I know it's weird, but sometimes I like to buy products without seeing them first because it's like a little surprise and I might end up with something different than my same-old usual choices, which helps me to move a bit outside of my makeup comfort zone. Of course, the downside is that once in a while I end up with a ghastly, totally useless product that I have to go through the hassle of returning!) Fortunately, this one is a keeper.

Heather Rose No. 5 is a medium warm, gingery-brown with coral-rose undertones and a touch of bronze. This is not what you would call a traditional "rose" color. In the photos this may appear like a cream formula, but it definitely has a slight shimmer, with tiny flecks of gold glitter throughout (no worries if you don't like glitter--these are so small as to be almost imperceptible). Although it looks mostly like a brownish, terra-cotta shade in the tube, it is not too orangey on and is more flattering than a true brown, thanks to the subtle brightening effect of the rosey undertones.

I really like the packaging, from the pattern etched into the lipstick, to the design of the case with its signature plaid and magnetic closure, to the classic Burberry beige paper carton--it's all very well thought out!


  1. Great pictures, I like the look of that but know it wouldn't suit me. I want to do another Burberry order but its quite hard ordering site unseen with the lipsticks, I've seen a few pictures of Antique Rose that looks nice so might go with that but I keep hoping that someone like Karlasugar will swatch the entire range :)

  2. Thanks :) The Beauty Look Book has some nice pictures of Burberry products and naturalNchicmakeup has swatched the range in-store.

  3. Thanks for that naturalNchicmakeup suggestion, those swatches are really helpful. Antique rose wasn't in stock when I ordered so got prune instead, hoping it won't be too dark.


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