Tuesday, July 13, 2010

MAC Dazzle Lipstick

I pre-ordered a couple of MAC's Dazzle Lipsticks, which I received last week. I chose "Glaringly Hip" and "Infused with Glam." I gave one a try today and have decided that, for me, they work best over another lipstick or pencil because they are a bit too sheer on (at least these two shades). They give a pretty sparkle and dimension to the lips and I can see them working well for a night out, although they are subtle enough to wear in the daytime as well becase the glitter is not too-obvious unless you apply heavily. One caveat:  as their name implies, these are full of glitter and removal can be a little tricky. Wearing over a clear lip balm makes for easier removal with a tissue, and be prepared to have some glitter left behind unless you use a makeup remover of some sort. If you're not too fond of glitter, you may want to pass on these!

Glaringly Hip is a sheer pastel peach with bright pink glitter

Infused with Glam is a sheer, warm reddish-bronze with pink and silver glitter

Note that these shades appear differently depending on lighting and angle of the camera, and although they look very different in the tube and in the swatches, the base colors are sheer so both come across mainly as pink glitter on the lips. I would say the difference between them does not justify having both. Fair ladies may prefer Glaringly Hip while darker-toned beauties might prefer Infused With Glam.  


  1. Thanks for the review and swatches. I'm passing on these for the glitter factor.

  2. Yep, these aren't the best (unless you seriously love glitter)! :)


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