Sunday, August 15, 2010

Burberry Beauty Product Photos & Swatches

I received my Burberry orders from Nordstrom weeks ago and am taking advantage of some free time on a rainy South Florida Sunday to finally post my initial picks from the collection.

  View from my window of the post-thunderstorm sunset as I was finishing this post 

I would love to hear what your recommendations or favorites from this collection are, so please feel free to leave a comment. :)

Read on for my thoughts or skip ahead for photos and swatches!

Among the lipsticks my favorites are Heather Rose and Dusty Rose -- both are flattering mid-tones with a bit of shimmer. I thought I would love Cameo, but found it to be a little too light on its own, whereas Nutmeg is too dark on me. I didn't want to bother returning these so I did some experimentation and was happy to find that mixing Cameo & Nutmeg together creates a pretty wearable shade, so they are not a total waste! I am still looking forward to trying the popular Rosewood some day.

The lip definers have a great, soft and blendable texture. I was surprised at how bright Dusty Rose is. It is way brighter than the lipstick by the same name. I like lip liners to provide a bit of definition while at the same time being barely noticeable, but this one is quite the opposite. It's a pretty shade, but no matter how much blending in I do, it's like, "Look at me! I have a bright pink line around my lips!" Sepia and Nude Beige are nice neutrals.

The lip glosses have a great texture. Cameo came across as orangey in the swatches, but is a more of a sheer peach on the lips -- the shimmer doesn't show up on application. Cameo Pink is a perfect warm, light shimmery pink.

I haven't used all of the eye shadows yet so haven't developed any final opinion on these, but had fun doing the swatches and think they are all pretty, have a great texture and the perfect amount of shimmer. Porcelain makes a really nice highlight or all-over shade. Pearl Grey is lovely and unlike any other grey I have. I love purples and plums in general, especially deep, dark shades and Midnight Plum is a nice one to have.

The eyeliners have a blendable texture similar to a typical kohl liner, and don't have as much glide as, say, Urban Decay's 24/7 liners. The colors are nice, but not so unique that you can't find something similar elsewhere at a lower price point.

I only chose one blush: Peony. It's a beautiful light pink that really brightens up the face. Love it!

Hopefully these swatches and photos are helpful, since this is still a line that is not readily available to everyone for viewing in person. I hope this post is not too picture-heavy--it's sometimes hard for me to edit them down! 


Porcelain No. 03

 Rosewood No. 09

 Antique Rose No. 10

Tea Rose No. 11

Lavender Blue No. 13 

Pearl Grey No. 17

Midnight Plum No. 19

Midnight Plum No. 05 & Midnight Ash No. 03


Peony Blush No. 04

Cameo Pink No. 07 & Cameo No. 08

Dusty Rose No. 02  

Nude Beige No. 01

Sepia No. 03

Left to right: Cameo, Cameo Pink, Sepia, Dusty Rose, Nude Beige


Left to right: Cameo, Antique Rose, Dusty Rose, Heather Rose, Nutmeg

Left to right: Dusty Rose, Antique Rose, Nutmeg, Heather Rose, Cameo

Left to right: Antique Rose, Dusty Rose, Nutmeg, Heather Rose, Cameo

Top: Dusty Rose, Bottom: Antique Rose 



  1. Your post is so incredibly helpful! The lipstick swatches are especially appreciated, as I have been interested in purchasing four of the five colors you purchased. I also am now interested in the Porcelain eyeshadow, as well as the Peony blush. I am favoriting this post for future reference. By the way, every single product looks absolutely lovely!

  2. Thank you! :) It can be hit or miss buying unseen, but I'm happy overall. It's a really nice line and I love the packaging :)

  3. Thank you for this wonderful post and all the swatches! Very helpful - you've helped me make some decisions. Have fun wearing it all!

  4. Thank you :) Good luck with your purchases!

  5. Thank you for these. I am kind of having trouble getting the shades I want from ordering sight unseen. The names are a little misleading-example: Heather is a deep plum, and would have been a better name for the "Antique Rose" shade I purchased. They are all lovely...but it is a little confusing!

  6. Cendrine: I agree! It is so difficult to figure out based on the names! I sure wish more retailers would have accurate photos/swatches of their products online.

  7. Lovely post! I can't wait to try Burberry beauty, but I think I'm going to wait till I get to a store to swatch everything.. your picks are gorgeous, hope you are enjoying them! :)

  8. Hi Lakshmi, Thanks! I'm really enjoying the Burberry line. I wish they had it in my local store! I know, it's sometimes hard to order based on online swatches alone :)

  9. oh dusty rose looks so niiice.. great swatches!

  10. Hi Delyteful Speaks: Thanks! Dusty Rose is a lovely color -- this reminds me I need to use it more often :)

  11. Now this is a haul! Gorgeous! I know I'm 2 years late on this - still a great post!

    1. Hi Red lips, Black hair, thank you! :) I do believe this was the largest amount of makeup I've ever bought at one time :)) Love the Burberry line!

  12. I've been look for a side by side antique rose and dusty rose comparison everywhere, so glad I found this although slightly delayed.


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