Friday, August 6, 2010

Laura Mercier Mystique Collection

Here are some photos of a few items I purchased from Laura Mercier's Mystique collection. Sadly, my Violetta eyeshadow arrived a bit crumbled up! And although it is an attractive shade of brown, the St. Tropez lipstick is a bit too dark for my taste and will be going back to the store, so I didn't do any swatches of that one. I've noticed a lot of dark browns and plum lipstick shades being released in collections for the fall season. I wore a lot of browns in the late 90's and loved them then, but have become fond of lighter peaches, neutral pinks and bronzey nude shades in the last few years.

The sequin eye shadows have a lot of glitter fallout and are sheer, but the shades are beautiful. I haven't tried them with a base yet, but it might fix this problem. There is also a pretty teal shade included in the collection, which I did not purchase. Also not pictured is the Pink Tulle lipgloss--a nice, well-pigmented rosey-pink shade, which would probably look great paired with Sandcastle. For swatches of the entire collection, visit Karlasugar's page here.

Sandcastle Shimmer Lip Colour: a neutral pink-beige (very low shimmer - this verges on being a matte)

St. Tropez Shimmer Lip Colour is a dark brown with plum tones, with the slightest bit of shimmer throughout - a little more sheer and glossier formula than Sandcastle

Sterling Sequin Eye Colour: a sparkling cool-toned silver with blue microglitter

Violetta Sequin Eye Colour: a gorgeous purple with blue microglitter

For reference, here is a photo of Sandcastle and Barely Nude side by side. Sandcastle has more pink/mauve tones and is a bit darker:

Note: Sterling appears more of a blue-silver in person than it appears in these photos & swatches. For some reason my camera did not pick up the blue tones that well.

Sandcastle looks less peachy in person and is more of a subdued medium beigey-pink


  1. Just wanted to say I really like your blog. I found it googling a swatch of Trish McEvoy's Gilded Taupe eyeshadow. We seem to have a few favorite brands in common - Laura Mercier, Paul & Joe, Bobbi Brown, etc. I'll be coming back! Please keep up the good work!

  2. I like the Violetta Eye Shadow Purple/Blue.

  3. It's a really pretty color! I need to try it out though :)


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