Saturday, August 28, 2010

MAC F/W Nail Trend 2010

I have been crazy for nail polish lately in all hues from the most modest pinks and nudes, to deep browns, plums and berries, to bright magentas, blues and greens, and of course the grey trend, which is a favorite because it's actually quite neutral and wearable. My recent discovery of nail blogs on the web has created a polish obsession! I thought I would only pick up just one or two shades at most from MAC's F/W Nail Trend collection, but I should have known better, because within the space of two days I am now the happy owner of the entire collection. Whew, I think I had better take a break from new purchases for a while and start shopping my stash! :)

Below is a comparison of just a couple of the shades (Earthly Harmony and Jade Dragon). I did not swatch the rest of the collection, but more photos can be found at All Lacquered Up.

Have a good weekend all!

There is a significant difference between Particuliere and Earthly Harmony. Earthly Harmony is more grey toned and has flecks of gold shimmer (which show up when photographed with a flash but are sadly not really noticeable on the nails), and has more of a dull finish. Obviously, Particuliere is a lot darker, with more brownish-taupe tones and has a smoother finish.

Sorry, I misspelled Lippmann in my labels! (left out an the "n" at the end)

Deborah Lippmann's Don't Tell Mama is darker (it almost appears black in some lighting) and looks to have teal green shimmer, whereas MAC's Jade Dragon has more of a forest green base, with pretty dark greenish-blue glitter. If you are a fan of dark polish you may love these! (I don't own the Lippmann shade--just tried it on in Nordstrom today.) Be forewarned: the glitter/shimmer in these is not really apparent once you've had them on for a while. It is the kind of shimmer that shows up only under direct lighting and at certain angles. This may be a plus or minus depending on your level of love for shimmer! (I just happened to be trying on SOPI's Run With It earlier today at Sephora, so that one is just randomly included with the others :).

Without flash

Left to right:  Imperial Flower, Earthly Harmony, Jade Dragon, Ming Blue, Concubine, Rain of Flowers

With flash


  1. Yay all the colours! (haha you're ilke me) Earthly harmony actually looks nicer than particuliere. How do you like the blue ones?

  2. So far I've only tried them on one fingernail each at the MAC counter today but I think I like the dark indigo one a lot, which actually looks more purpley in person. I think the lighter cobalt blue will look great for a pedicure, with the right outfit! :)


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