Saturday, September 18, 2010

Dolce & Gabbana: Cosmopolitan Lipstick and Nail Lacquer

The pair of macaws above are wild (possibly former pets or among those that escaped from aviaries following hurricanes in our area). Lately these two are frequent visitors in my neighborhood. I usually only see them flying overhead--and they are always together. Recently, I was fortunate to catch them long enough to take this photo of them on my neighbor's palm tree.

I bid farewell to summer with a post on two products that are more suitable for warm and leisurely summer days but are included along with the more sedate offerings of Dolce & Gabbana's Fall 2010 collection: Cosmopolitan Classic Cream Lipstick and Cosmopolitan Nail Lacquer. These are both bright coral shades.

If you dislike coral or don't like to call too much attention to your lips, you may find Cosmopolitan to be a bit too intense, but if it's vibrant and intense color you're after, this one does not disappoint! I think it looks best when worn with very little other makeup aside from a liner and mascara, and a touch of blush.

The nail polish is very pretty and flattering and I did not have any problems with the formula or the applicator brush (I have heard there were complaints in the past about D&G's nail polish brushes, but the version I have seems fine). It has a nice shiny finish with a bit of sheerness to it and makes me think of guava and juicy citrus fruit.

Photo by Penny Greb. Source: Wikimedia Commons

At first I thought this color was similar to Chanel's Orange Fizz, but Orange Fizz is more of a true orange creme whereas Cosmopolitan is a classic bright coral.

Indoor with flash:

in sunlight:

Goodbye summer! I won't miss your scorching heat, mosquitos, humidity, and tropical storms (but I sure do hope this winter is not as cold as last year's)!  :)

Enjoy the rest of the weekend everyone!


  1. Oh my God... that looks amazing!! I love these coral colours. Now I just want to buy them all! :)

    Confessions of a Beautyholic

  2. I couldn't get away with the lipstick but that nail polish is amazing! I'd love that on my toes xx

  3. Beauty Addict: They are really fun & eye-catching colors! :) I like the D&G polish a lot.

  4. ModestyBrown: I think the lipstick looks a bit scary on me! lol :) The polish is great though. :)

  5. what cheery colours, don't know that I'd dare wear that lipstick, looks really pretty on you though. I've got quite a bright coral polish from Illamasqua that looks quite similar to that one, I wish D&G would get back online, I was only able to buy a few things before Selfridges had their fall out with the brand.

  6. Replica: Thank you! They are happy colors, aren't they--not very suitable for autumn though, but it's still very warm where I live! :) I had read about D&G & Selfridges. I get mine from, as none of my local stores carry this line, unfortunately!

  7. Lipstick shade looks more pretty than nail color.


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