Saturday, September 11, 2010

Dior Vernis Cherry Flower

Photographer: Sprengben

I ordered Dior's Cherry Flower nail lacquer online ($21 limited edition), but then was kind of underwhelmed when I saw it in person at Sephora a few days afterward. That's what I get for purchasing a product based on name appeal alone! I liked the idea of a polish named Cherry Flower and since I do like pink I thought, how could I go wrong? I guess I was just hoping for something a little less "mauve." I had at first contemplated returning this and am still a bit ambivalent about this shade, but after wearing it all day today it's beginning to grow on me! Cherry Flower is a cool, fairly opaque mauve-pink with silver shimmer -- it's definitely not an edgy color, but it does have a certain romantic and feminine charm. The Dior formula is quite nice, with smooth application and full coverage with two coats.

(Note: If you are interested in possibly purchasing this color, I recommend visiting the Fruity Lashes blog for more photos in different lighting conditions, as mine below were all taken with flash causing it to appear somewhat more shimmery than it is in actuality.)


  1. I'm glad that it's growing on you, it's always annoying to have an online ordering disappointment. It looks very pretty x

  2. I just found your blog today & have to say it's amazing!

  3. @lorelai - Thank you! This is my little part-time hobby...I'm not the best at keeping up with all of the latest collections...but I love makeup & taking photos, so this is a good way to combine the two! :)


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