Friday, October 8, 2010

NARS Holiday 2010

Here are my picks from the NARS Holiday collection. I skipped the lovely Okinawa palette. It's a nice combo of black, silver and blue. I just don't need it. Of course I didn't need the Melusine duo either, but hey, it's got purple in it! And I can't pass up purple! Especially when it's Nars' purple :).

The new single eyeshadow offered is Etrusque, a beautiful 'old gold' shade. I love this one. I wouldn't say it is entirely unique, but it is well-pigmented, has a great texture, and is just so pretty! Well worth getting if you are a fan of gold eyeshadow.

The blush in this collection "Sexual Healing" is very light--a soft matte peach shade, but I wasn't sure it would provide enough color. I passed on it for now but may revisit it in the future as it does look very pretty.

There are two nail polishes: A taupey-brown 'a la Particuliere' kind of shade called Bad Influence, and Pokerface, a pastel purple/dark lavender with subtle silver frost. (I chose Pokerface because, after all, it's purple!)

The lipsticks are Petit Monstre and Little Darling: In the tube Little Darling looks to be a shade similar to the Bad Influence polish, but swatched on the hand it is very sheer semi-gloss, with a slight brownish tint. Petit Monstre is a medium-dark brick red/warm berry with subtle gold shimmer.

There are also two new lip glosses, which I passed on as well (for more info on these check Irish Beauty Blog's post here).

On to the photos:

Apologies for the blurry photos. The silvery shade has a bit of a pink duochrome--although you can't tell from these photos, but it's very pretty!

The first shade above (from left to right) is the silvery-lavender shade from Egea, followed by the shimmery shade from Violetta, and then both shades from Melusine (sadly, my skin tone is not the best for displaying these lighter shades!).

Pokerface has a somewhat thick formula and is almost opaque with one coat. In comparison, Zoya's Zara is a similar tone of purple/lavender but is very sheer and has gold shimmer as opposed to the subtle silver shimmer of Pokerface. As you can see below the shimmer doesn't show up much on the nail, but does provide a bit of a glow.

Petit Monstre Lipstick

Such a pretty antique gold.

Happy Friday everyone. Have a great weekend!


  1. Wow -- I love this collection! Where did you see this? I love purple as well -- the silvery shade in that duo is stunning!

  2. Hi Laurie, I found this at my local Neiman Marcus yesterday! There's an interesting mix of shades in this collection. :)

  3. Hi! First time commenter here!

    I like the Lady Gaga-esque theme with the "Pokerface" nail polish and the "Petit Monstre" lipstick, which by the way looks amazing and reminds me of their "Christina" color.

  4. Hi K, Thanks for commenting. I love the names in this collection! Petit Monstre also reminded me of Christina.

  5. Hi Beauty Ambition, I agree - I am really liking it! :)

  6. Melusine is gorgeous! Do you find it more wearable than Eurydice? Sometimes I find NARS shadows hard to work with- what's your take?
    Thanks for posting these swatches!

  7. Hi Julia, I would say color-wise it is more wearable because the purple is not red-toned like the one in Eurydice. Melusine seems to be slightly more sheer, though. Texture is about the same. I find that Nars shadows work better with a base or with one of their cream shadows underneath.

  8. Oooo...that Melusine is to die for! Can I wet the brush before applying to make the color "POP" more?

  9. Hi Torika, Yes, when applied wet you will get a much more intense color! :)

  10. Hey I just love NARS products!!! This gold shadow looks fabulous....Lovely blog sweetie!
    Try checking out mine.

  11. Thank you Rakhshanda. NARS is one of my favorite brands! :)


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