Friday, November 19, 2010

Chanel Riva Nail Colour

Left to right: What's With the Cattitude?, Havana Dreams, and Riva

I had been looking forward to Chanel's Riva polish from the Cote d'Azur collection ever since I heard news of it a month or so ago and was happy to see it arrive on Chanel's website last week. By now, you may have seen a gazillion posts on this color...and here is yet another! :)

Below I've compared it to a couple of my other light blue polishes: Sephora by OPI's Havana Dreams and OPI's What's With the Cattitude?Riva is very similar to Havana Dreams but is less opaque, has a slightly more grayish tone, and doesn't have as much of a bright white base. The subtle shimmer in Riva shows up with flash as you can see in some of the the photos of the bottle below, but is not really noticeable on the nails. Havana Dreams has no shimmer whatsoever. They are both beautiful, pale blue shades. I prefer the Riva, but if you are looking to save a fair bit of money, Havana Dreams is not a bad substitute! With all of these light blues I find I need to apply three coats to get full coverage without streaks.

On the end below is Sally Hansen's Blue Icing - just threw that one in there because it's blue and glittery and I thought it looked pretty alongside the others (despite the ugly label design!). It's a nice color, but it has these long, confetti-like pieces of glitter which make for a not-very-attractive, lumpy finish. 

Sorry for the bad lighting in this one -- I took this around midnight indoors! 

Photo above taken in sunlight

Photos above taken with flash


Riva is quickly becoming my favorite pale blue. Are you a fan of this shade and blues in general? 


  1. I flipped when I saw Riva for the first time. It has the same soft, subtle sparkle at the heart of it that made Nouvelle Vague so special. There are always a million dupes of any color that achieves success, but none really capture the glow these two colors by Chanel seem to have. Luminous without glitter or frost, Riva looks like a spring day.

  2. Eileen, What an eloquent description, and so true :) I must admit Riva is by far my favorite among these. It's such a soft and delicate blue. Love it!

  3. Havana does look a lot like Riva. Thank you for the dupes comparison. The color looks beautiful on your nails. Now I'm tempted to purchase it but $27..ouch!

  4. Thanks Kristie! I know what you mean - it is a bit much. Wish they would have kept it at the standard Chanel price of $23.

  5. Thanks for making this comparison


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