Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year and Estee Lauder's Extravagant Pearl Nails

I'd like to wish everyone a happy and healthy new year. May 2011 bring great things to you all!

Here's a look at today's nails: Estee Lauder's Extravagant Pearl--a color I thought was fitting for a low-key New Year's Eve. It's a gorgeous light pearly golden-beige shade that looks like fine shimmering grains of sand.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Estee Lauder Spring 2011 Untamed Violet

Estee Lauder Pure Color shadow and eye pencil
Untamed Violet 

This is a vibrant violet/iris shade with gold shimmer throughout. The shimmer doesn't really show on application so this could be considered more of a matte shadow. Although Estee Lauder classifies this as a Satin, I found it to be a bit dry and powdery, but worth getting if you like the shade. It is a perfect match for the eye pencil!

Below is a comparison with the only other Estee Lauder liners I own, Black Plum and Blue Iris. (I'm not sure if Blue Iris is still being made. It is a very dry and hard-to-blend liner. Untamed Violet is an improvement over this one!)

Below is a quick and simple look using Untamed Violet liner on upper lashline only, topped with Untamed Violet shadow. I used a small amount of shadow as liner on lower lashline. Mascara: Make Up Forever Smoky Lash. I didn't use a base in the swatches or below, so I'm sure if you prefer you could achieve a more vibrant look by using something underneath. Since this is such a bright color, for myself, I would definitely be careful with lipstick choice and stick to something very neutral to avoid looking overdone!  

Estee Lauder Spring 2011 Collection Wild Violet

New Year's Day is not yet behind us and already the spring collections are on the counters! I picked up a few pieces today from Estee Lauder's spring collection "Wild Violet."

I was very happy with the Extravagant Gold palette from the holiday collection, and was hoping the latest offering, Wild Violet, would have the same great, smooth texture and intense pigmentation. It consists of a sparkly white-gold/champagne, a soft metallic medium-brown, a bright and shimmery brassy gold, a smoky mink-brown, and a dark matte violet infused with subtle pink sparkles. It is very similar in quality to the Extravagant Gold palette, but the two lightest shades have extra-fine glitter flecks that catch the light, making it a bit more sparkly overall.

I also picked up the Pure Color single Untamed Violet along with its complementing liner. I'm not a big fan of the blue-toned violet shades, being more partial to true purples, plums and burgundies, but I thought I would give this one a try! Swatches and photos are in a separate post here.

I only chose one lipstick, Wild Blossom, which is a creamy, very light pastel peachy-pink, with gold shimmer. It's a little too light for my taste but will try to make it work. I'm sorry I don't have any photos or swatches of the other lip products offered.

My nails are in such bad shape at the moment that I didn't polish them with the lovely Wild Storm nail lacquer, but you will see below a very poor-quality iPhone photo with this shade on my thumb. It's a very pretty, but not entirely unique, gunmetal. I like the formula though and this would be a nice shade to have if you don't already have a metallic grey in your collection. Visit Vampy Varnish for close-up photos and much better swatches of this shade, along with some of the other products in this collection.

(For reference, my skintone is fair-medium with slight warm tones. I can use Bobbi Brown 2.0 Sand or Estee Lauder Desert Beige)

Pure Color Lipstick
Wild Blossom

Pure Color Eye Palette
Wild Violet

Pure Color Nail Lacquer
Wild Storm

Below is a lame iPhone photo -- I was at the MAC counter, but this is the Estee Lauder Wild Storm polish on my nail. I know it's probably not that helpful, but thought I'd post it anyway! My nails are so short right now--it seems the more I polish them the worse shape they are in, sadly, so I had to cut them down and am giving them a break from polish for a while.

And some more of my "reconaissance" ;)  iPhone photos. These items were at the Macy's counter, and were being offered only as a pre-sale for pick up on January 20th, but I was later able to purchase them at Nordstrom.

Above: The first color from the top is Untamed Violet, followed by all of the shades from the Wild Violet palette and off to the side is a swatch of the Wild Blossom lipstick.

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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Chanel Spring 2011 Joues Contraste Blush Espiégle

I'm wrapping up today's Chanel Spring 2011 posts with a few photos of the gorgeous Espiégle Joues Contraste blush. It's a beautiful light shimmery peach. I'm sorry that due to time constraints I'm unable to post swatches at the moment, but more comprehensive reviews and excellent swatches of Espiégle can be found at naturalNchicmakeupThe Beauty Look Book and makeupandbeautyblog.

pictured below in full sunlight

pictured below indoors in low lighting 

Happy holidays everyone!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Chanel Spring 2011: Aragonite Glossimer vs. Galactic

Aragonite Glossimer, Chanel Spring 2011

Aragonite vs. Galactic

Although these two may seem identical at first glance, if you look closely at the swatches in these photos you can see that Aragonite has more pink-toned shimmer, whereas Galactic has more blue sparkles.

Hope this has been helpful to anyone who may be considering purchasing Aragonite.

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Chanel Spring 2011: Rouge Allure Coquette

Below is Coquette topped with a bit of Aragonite Glossimer. What's nice about this lipstick is that it can be made more intense with a heavier application, but it is sheer enough that you can go softer to decrease the brightness factor. It pairs well with Aragonite. I wore this today with the Regard Perle palette along with the Gris Scintillate liner, but I think I will stick to browns on the eyes when wearing Coquette in the future as it is the focal point of the face and calls for a more neutral eye (at least on my skintone).

Pictured with flash below: