Friday, December 24, 2010

Chanel Spring 2011: Rouge Allure Coquette

Below is Coquette topped with a bit of Aragonite Glossimer. What's nice about this lipstick is that it can be made more intense with a heavier application, but it is sheer enough that you can go softer to decrease the brightness factor. It pairs well with Aragonite. I wore this today with the Regard Perle palette along with the Gris Scintillate liner, but I think I will stick to browns on the eyes when wearing Coquette in the future as it is the focal point of the face and calls for a more neutral eye (at least on my skintone).

Pictured with flash below:


  1. Thank you for this nice review! Today I planned to buy nr. 77, coco rouge. But the colour was way to pale on me. I have been a brunette for decades and since I am new as a blonde, I need to find the right colours that suit me. Great, no? I can go and buy new make up. I was lucky, a sales assistant helped me out, she actually said she did not like the nr 77 and suggested nr 85.
    How I love wise sales assistants!
    again, thank you for the review. I will go and try 85 at daylight tomorrow and probably lay the 31 EUR down on the counter.

  2. Wow, that's a gorgeous color! Adding that to the list to try next time.

  3. @Paula: Thanks for commenting, and enjoy your new lipstick purchase! :)

  4. @Deja Pseu: Thanks for commenting! It is a pretty shade, particularly if you like bright colors :)

  5. PS: I reread my comment . the SA did not say it 2did not like the colour per se", but on my face :-)

  6. @Paula: Lipstick is such an individual thing. What looks great on someone else can sometimes look awful on me! You are wise to try out before buying, especially for high-end makeup purchases! :)


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