Sunday, December 19, 2010

Estee Lauder Pure Color Eye Shadow

Today I thought I would share photos of my collection of Estee Lauder Pure Color singles ($20 each at Estee in case they may be of help to anyone considering buying some of these shades. When the new Tom Pecheux-developed formula and packaging launched earlier this year I immediately purchased Lavender Star. I had also been attracted to Midnight Star and Pink Sith's great review back in October definitely sold me on this one. It is so pigmented and is just a great, intense and sparkling navy blue. I hadn't really thought about these shadows again until about a month ago, when I added another eight shades in a weekend splurge!

Pure Color shadows are available in four different finishes: Matte, Satin, Shimmer, and Metallic.  I have noticed that many of the metallic shades have micro-glitter/very fine sparkles throughout. Despite this I would say they are still day-time appropriate and very wearable. Here is a list of shades shown here today, along with their finish types:
  • Blazing Bronze (Metallic) - super-pigmented shimmery warm bronze
  • Emerald Star (Metallic) - deep forest green with tiny blue sparkles
  • Enchanted Forest (Shimmer) - silvered sage green
  • Glistening Gold (Metallic) - shimmery champagne
  • Hot Cinnamon (Shimmer) - sparkly medium nutmeg brown
  • Iridescent Violet (Satin) - medium silvery plum
  • Lavender Star (Metallic) - lilac pink with silvery sparkles
  • Midnight Star (Metallic) - intense navy blue with subtle silver sparkles
  • Polished Platinum (Shimmer) - soft pearlescent platinum/grey
Onward to the photos. Scroll to the end for swatches and a comparison of Enchanted Forest with Lancome's Erika F.

Note: For all photos shown below, the first photo was taken in sunlight and the second macro shots were taken with flash.


When I first saw Enchanted Forest it reminded me a bit of Lancome's "Erika F" so I pulled it out to do a comparison. They are not identical, but they are strikingly similar. Enchanted Forest is slightly less sparkly and has stronger green tones. Erika F also has very subtle sage/olive-green tones, but when swatched next to Enchanted Forest it comes across as a platinum with charcoal undertones. They are both very pretty and are ideal for a simple glamorous eye. These are the kind of shades that can stand alone, with just the addition of some black liner and mascara to complete the look. (My swatches really don't do either of these justice!)

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  1. Thank you for posting pictures of the shadows and how they look swatched on skin. It is very helpful for in planning what to buy on my next shopping trip. Can I ask you a question? If you happen to own MAC eyeshadow 'Retrospeck,' how would you compare color and texture-wise to Estee Lauder's Glistening Gold?

  2. Hi Paige, I don't think I have Retrospeck but will check my MAC stash when I get home from work! If so, I'll add a comparison photo.

  3. Found my Retrospeck last night! Just did a quick comparison in a separate post :)

  4. Wonderful! Thank you so much! Will definitely check that post.


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