Sunday, December 5, 2010

Marcel Wanders for MAC

I ordered just two items from the Marcel Wanders for MAC collection, which launched on Nov. 24th on MAC's website. I chose what seemed like it would be, for me, the most neutral and wearable lipstick: Martha: a peachy-nude with subtle golden pearl, and a complementing gloss: Beatrix, a shimmery, peachy-pink. The lipstick seems to be of the typical MAC satin formula, with its signature vanilla scent. It is well-pigmented, with a smooth texture. The cost of the lipstick is $22 versus the standard $14.50 for MAC's lipsticks. The gloss (also $22 vs. $18 for MAC's Cremesheen gloss) has a brush applicator rather than a doe-foot. The texture seems to be similar to that of MAC's Dazzleglass or Cremesheen formula.

The packaging is reminiscent of sculptural chess pieces. It is crafted of very smooth and shiny plastic with graphic flourishes alongside the Marcel Wanders logo. This is a limited-edition collection which launched on Nov. 24th and is available now on MAC's website (still haven't seen this collection in my local stores yet!). Visit Temptalia for more detailed information on the entire collection, including Q&A with designer Marcel Wanders.

Lipgloss comparison to Devilishly Stylish from the Venomous Villains collection:

Beatrix is slightly warmer (peachier) whereas Devlishly Stylish is a little more pinkish. The overall effect is very similar.


  1. Those were the two shades I was going to get from the collection, but in the time I spent differing about whether to get them or not they sold out! MAC always seems to sell out in about 2 days on their UK site with every couture collection, I should have known. They do look really pretty, I'll just stare at your pictures for now ;)

  2. Oh, that's too bad. Hate it when that happens. It seems MAC doesn't stock properly sometimes. Looks like they are still available on the U.S. site, perhaps because some MAC fans are reluctant to pay a bit extra so the collection is taking longer to sell out over here. I would say the lipstick is nice, but not a must have. The gloss is quite similar to "Devilishly Stylish" from the Venomous Villains collection. :)

  3. Your right they do look very similar. I'll take comfort if you saying they are not must haves..and I'll just be quicker with ordering next time ;)

  4. Hi! I just came across your blog today and I'm so pleased I did. I love all the product photos, you have a great collection! x

  5. @Glitterish Allsorts: Welcome & thanks so much!


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