Saturday, January 8, 2011

MAC Mega Metal Shadow Peacocky Collection Part II Comparisons

Here are a few comparisons for each of the three shadows I purchased from the Peacocky collection. Hope this is helpful. The colors I've chosen may not be universally flattering, but there are so many other great shades available. See Karlasugar for swatches of all fifteen!


1. Waft from the Tone: Grey quad
2. Dandizette
3. DSquared "B" Greasepaint Stick
4. Industrial Pearlglide Eyeliner
5. Fly-By-Blu Pearlglide Eyeliner
6. Blue Flame Mineralize Eyeshadow
7. Deep Truth

Tweet Me

1. Tweet Me
2. Melon pigment
3. Straw Harvest
4. Style Predator from the Leopard Luxe quad

Spectacle of Yourself

1. Spectacle of Yourself
2. Twinks
3. Sorcery
4. Inter-view Mineralize Eyeshadow
5. Antiqued
6. Rich Life pigment

Sequined corduroy jewelry box from Anthropologie

Have a nice weekend!


  1. Great dupe swatches! I was told Antiqued would be the same as Spectacle of Yourself but it looks darker in your swatch. I'm glad I picked it up.

  2. Hi Kristie. Thanks! Spectacle of Yourself is a lot more intense - I love it. It's definitely worth having both if you like reddish browns!

  3. Thanks so much for your posts on these, I thought I could skip these but after seeing you photos/reviews will have to take a look at them when the arrive here in Feb.

  4. Hi Replica, There are quite a few nice colors to choose from. Of course I wish they were priced a bit lower!

  5. SO pretty! I wish I could've purchased some products from this collection but my wallet will not allow it :(

  6. Hi Katie, Thanks for commenting! :) Yes, at $19.50 each for the shadows it can get pricey very quickly!


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