Saturday, January 8, 2011

MAC Mega Metal Shadow from the Peacocky collection

Left to right: Dandizette, Tweet Me, and Spectacle of Yourself
Sequined corduroy jewelry box from Anthropologie

I picked up three shadows today from the Peacocky collection. I found all of them to have a very nice, smooth texture and great pigmentation (although I do wish they would have offered them as a the smaller, standard size so that you could place them into a palette if desired.) It was so tough narrowing down the choices as there are so many lovely colors to choose from! But as part of my New Year's resolutions, I'm trying to slow down a bit on makeup purchases. Since I have many things I don't have the chance to use, I'm focusing on organizing and editing down my collection this year and making an effort to use my favorite things more often. Of course, I still plan to indulge in at least an item or two ...or three?...or four?... ;-) from the new collections and hope to continue to share them here!

Did you buy any shadows from this collection? If so, which did you choose?

Spectacle of Yourself: rich, reddened-brown
Dandizette: medium, grayish denim-blue
Tweet Me: light peachy-gold (similar to Melon pigment) 

Left to right:  Tweet Me, Spectacle of Yourself, and Dandizette

Above photo taken with flash


  1. Thanks for your review and wonderful photos! I also purchased 3 shadows from Peacocky- Noir Plum, Spectacle of Yourself, and Centre Stage. I totally agree with you on the great pigmentation and texture. I was on the fence about Tweet Me- how would you say it compares with the peachy shade in Chanel's Regard Perle quad?
    I also agree with you on the size of these-- why so large? Can you see yourself finishing one of these in a lifetime? For those of us with a large collection, the bulkiness poses a problem.

    I'm with you on editing down and using what you already have. Personally, I love buying new makeup, but I've started to realize I'm not using things I purchased only recently. Somehow I think having fewer choices (less stuff in general) makes life less stressful, not to mention makes organization easier.

  2. Hi Julia, I know I will probably never use up one of these! Then again I may not be your typical shadow user, as I don't stick to the same color for very long! :) I took a look at Tweet Me next to the Regards Perle peachy shade -- Tweet Me is more golden-yellow toned, rather than peachy. It's also just a little bit sheerer than the Regards Perle shade, but otherwise the level of shimmer is about the same. Tweet Me is nice, but not totally unique--might only be worth getting if you don't already have something similar.

    I agree that sometimes having fewer choices and less stuff in general does make life less stressful!


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