Sunday, January 30, 2011

Some New OPI Minis

There is certainly no shortage of new polish launches from OPI. Here are a few photos of the mini-sets offered from OPI's Katy Perry collection ($12.50), and Sephora by OPI's Glee ($24), and Urban Ballerina ($18) collections. Although these sizes are tiny (1/8 fl. oz.), they are a nice way to try out some new colors, especially those you wouldn't normally select or use very often.  (Will try to update with swatches soon!) :)

Not Like the Movies is my favorite from the Katy Perry collection. It's a pretty gunmetal duochrome that flashes purple or olive green depending on the angle of view, but what makes this one special is its gorgeous, super-fine silver sparkles.

The Glee collection is really fun and bright. According to the holo-glitter topcoat Celibacy Club, the shimmery navy blue Sue vs. Shue, and the shimmery coral Express Yourself to Yourself are all mini-kit exclusives.

Look at the beautiful holographic rainbow shimmer of Celibacy Club below. I tried this on today over a wine shimmer I had on and the sparkley-ness when the light hits it is mesmerizing!  

Channel your own inner "Black Swan" ;) with the soft shades of Urban Ballerina. It's hard to tell from these bottle photos but the purple shade has a hint of purple shimmer. The rest are opaque cream shades. I've seen many versions of this type of smoky grey recently in other lines, and the beige nude and pale pink aren't especially unique, but are nevertheless lovely and nice basics to have.

You can see the slight bit of shimmer in the purple below:

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  1. Stares at all the pretty colours...
    I seem to have homed in on not like the movies, will have to check if out when we get that collection here :)

  2. Hi Replica -- That one is my current favorite so I went ahead and got the full-size version! :)

  3. you have so many pretty polishes! you're so lucky :)

    i'm hosting a birdcage bangle giveaway please stop by and check it out :)!

  4. wow, great minis! I especially love the look of Urban ballerina!

  5. Thanks Penelope! It's a pretty collection :)

  6. Hey!! I just got the mini Urban Ballerina collection, love all the colors! I passed on "Let's Plie" because it seemd quite to similar to Samoan Sand by OPI, minus the slight shimmer. Can't wait to try a color tonight! :)

  7. Hi Lakshmi - Hope you like them! Enjoy :)


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