Saturday, January 15, 2011

Zoya 3-free promotion picks and Spring 2011 Intimate collection

Recently Zoya offered a promotion of three free polishes to their Facebook fans to celebrate hitting a milestone number of fans. I'd like to share some photos of the three shades I picked, along with a look at the beautiful shades in the new Intimate collection, which was released today.

A perfect little bouquet of polish

A sheer, delicate opalescent ballet pink with silver glitter
A dramatic plum with lots of eye-catching bronze sparkle
A feminine and pretty magenta/gold duochrome

Reece reminded me of Dolce & Gabbana's Rose so I pulled it out for a comparison. They are similar but definitely have some differences. Reece is more of a magenta pink and has a strong greenish-gold duochrome. Rose is a medium rosey-pink with a bronzey-gold shimmer duochrome. 

Kaelyn ~ knotted cable knit scarf by Fossil

And below is a look at the the Spring 2011 Intimate collection color spoons. The more photos I see of this collection, the more I appreciate the beauty of these muted pastel shades and subtle shimmers. These are perfect to transition from winter to spring. Can't wait to try them out! 

Click to make it larger. (Don't they look just a bit like cute little Easter eggs?)

Love the iridescent blue shimmer in Gemma, which makes this one very unique. Dove looks like the perfect flattering, neutral gray. I can also see myself getting a lot of use out of Marley and Jules as they are the types of shades that would complement almost any outfit. Caitlin is lovely as well -- I have a few blue-grays, and violet-grays, but nothing quite like this.

Have a nice weekend everyone!


  1. I picked Gigi, too! :) And I'm also loving the new Intimate collection.

  2. @Larie, Thanks for commenting :) -- Gigi's really pretty with its subtle glitter!

  3. So many pretty colours, I have never tried Zoya before, will have to see if we have that brand here, thanks for the great post :)

  4. Thanks Replica! Zoya has a lot of colors to choose from and their bottles are shorter than most, so easier to store (take up less space, for those with large polish collections). :)


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