Monday, February 7, 2011

Mani of the day: Sephora by OPI Let's Plie

Today's manicure is Let's Plie from Sephora by OPI's Urban Ballerina collection. This is one of two full sizes I purchased as they were not included in the mini-set (the other is Shiny Dancer, a gorgeous metallic gunmetal/blue). Let's Plie is an opaque, pale peachy-nude with very subtle shimmer, which is not really noticeable on the nail. There isn't a whole lot of contrast between this shade and my skin color and I think it would perhaps be more flattering on someone with a darker skintone, unless you are going for the mannequin-hands look. It required three coats to achieve opacity and was a little streaky going on. (It appears to be similar to Rescue Beauty Lounge's "Plie" but may have a touch more apricot/peach tones rather than pink, although I'm going based on web swatches since I don't have that one.) If you are a fan of pale nudes you may like Let's Plie, but I wouldn't say it's a must have.

You can see the subtle shimmer above in the bottle, but it's not very apparent once applied

Leather purse with brass accents, Banana Republic, circa 2008

Below are a few recent photos of flowers in my backyard. Actually, these are my neighbor's roses that are dangling over the fence into my yard :) A nice treat at this time of year!

Angel's Trumpet (Brugmansia): Pretty to look at--but highly toxic. According to Wikipedia it is native to subtropical regions of South America and southeastern Brazil and is sometimes used in shamanic practices of people indigenous to the Amazon.


  1. Ooooh!!!! I love this! I love the bag and BR circa 2008. Sigh - why has BR changed so much?!

    Gorgeous color on you!

  2. Hi Sabrina! Thanks :) I was worried the color didn't look that great with my pale skin! I agree about BR - I find I don't shop there as much as I used to...

  3. I like the colour on you actually, very chic!
    Love your flower pictures, really creative x

  4. Thanks very much Replica! :) Have a nice weekend!

  5. What a great post! Love the colour and adore the bag. I agree with Sabrina- what the heck has happened to BR? Their bags used to be among my faves. Now, no. So. Much.

  6. @Daly Beauty, Thanks! :) Yes, I used to love some of BR's bags and they had some great shoes, too!

  7. Hi Makeup Magpie, What a lovely color! I tried it on at Sephora the other day and I'm sad I didn't pick it up now. I love the BR bag too; it reminds me of a BR leather tote sitting in the back of my closet that I should bring out and give some new life! And the flowers are beautiful too--- you have an eye for photos =)

  8. Dovey, Thanks so much! :) I have had the BR bag for a while and decided to put it to use more often. This polish is a great nude, but was a bit streaky going on, for me at least!


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