Friday, February 4, 2011

NARS Front Row Set

Happy Friday everyone! Here's a look at the NARS Front Row Set, a Sephora exclusive ($59). If you are thinking of purchasing the Nouveau Monde duo, you might consider this set. It includes a full-size Nouveau Monde duo, a full-size Eyeliner Stilo in Nuits Blanches (black), a full-size Orgasm lipgloss, and a mini-multiple in the shade Palm Springs.  The eyeliner alone normally retails for $27, the lipgloss $24, and the eyeshadow duo is $33, so this is a nice value if you can make use of the other products included.

Palm Springs is a pretty, shimmery golden champagne. It doesn't provide enough color to be used as a blush or bronzer, but makes a beautiful highlighter. 

Below is Palm Springs compared with a couple of my other Multiples. As you can see, Palm Springs is a lot lighter than South Beach, and warmer than Copacabana.

For reference, below are a couple of other duos compared to Nouveau Monde. The silvery-lavender in this duo has a touch of blue in it. It's a beautiful, shimmery, light silver-blue-violet. I think Nouveau Monde might work well for both cool and warm-tones. At first glance, these colors may seem like they wouldn't work well together, but on the eyes they coordinate well for a lovely effect. 

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  1. What a beautiful set, I guess we won't get that here if its Sephora exclusive. Well you have given me the final push I needed, to know that I MUST have Nouveau Monde.
    Have you seen those new shades of the Illuminator, the Copacabana and Super Orgasm one sound like they will be really nice?
    Thanks for the post x

  2. Hi Replica, Oh darn..hopefully it will eventually be sold in other stores...I have seen many "exclusives" that are later sold elsewhere. I just saw swatches of the new Illuminators and they look very nice--more shimmery than the original, though--but I do like some shimmer! :)

  3. What a fabulous and beautiful set. I can't believe they put the Nouveau Monde duo in. Must make this purchase.

  4. @pinkribbons: Thanks for commenting. It is a pretty good value if you like all of the other products! :)

  5. Beautiful swatches and photos! I'm so glad you reviewed this set since I couldn't find much info on it. Nouveau Mondea duo is pretty but I really wish they didn't add the Orgasm lip gloss in the set.

  6. Thanks Kristie: I feel the same way about the Orgasm gloss. It's nice, but I would have preferred to have something different! :)

  7. What a lovely set! I agree with Replica, this is the final nudge I needed to decide I need Nouveau Monde. I love the look of Violetta too. I must look out some swatches :). Thank you for the lovely pictures.
    Jane x

  8. Hi Modesty Brown: Thanks! I originally got Violetta just for that mid-tone shimmery shade. You might enjoy it if you are a purple-lover :)


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