Friday, April 22, 2011

Nars Summer 2011 Eyes: Dogon, Exotic Dance, and Queen

Nars summer collection features quite an eclectic mix of colors and textures. There are two new limited edition Duo Eyeshadows ($33):  Dogon and Exotic Dance and a new limited edition shadow pencil Queen ($24). I did not purchase the vibrant blue trio Cap Ferrat, although it looks gorgeous--it's just that bright blue/green eyeshadow and me...let's just say we don't get along together well :(  Be sure to check out Karlasugar's page for swatches.

I really like the left shade -- it is difficult to capture the true color in photographs. It is a plummy-taupe with a soft, light shimmery green duochrome (a little bit like a lighter, plummier-taupier version of MAC's Club). The right shade is a nicely pigmented charcoal with blue-green shimmers that don't really show up much on the eyes. I like to use the left shade on its own. The right shade is useful as a liner or on the outer corners. A little goes a long way with this one!

Pictured below indoors with flash. These colors definitely appear differently depending on the lighting and angle of view.
Click to make it larger:

And here is Exotic Dance: a pairing of shimmery icey-white and a medium shimmery golden-bronze. The white side is somewhat sheer and has micro-shimmer. I experienced some fallout with this one. The bronze side has a smoother texture and better pigmentation. I think many may already have a bronze like this in their collection as it is a fairly common color and available from many lines--this is a nice one, though. Due to the texture of the white side I recommend trying this before buying.

Pictured below indoors with flash:

Moving on to our final eye product from the collection, here is the Soft Touch Shadow Pencil in Queen. This one would be more aptly named a glitter pencil because it is straight-up, chartreuse-green glitter in a transparent base. To be honest, seeing as I am long-past the age demographic that is best suited to glitter, I'm not sure I will get a lot of use out of this but may break it out to use sparingly on special occasions, holidays or the rare foray into the night-clubbing world! ;)

Oooh glitter is pretty when magnified! Here you can see the clear base

Finally, below are swatches of both duos and the pencil. These were done dry without a base. You could probably achieve more depth and vibrancy with a primer underneath:

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  1. Thanks for the preview and swatches. I'm not sure I'm blown away by any of the pieces in this collection. The colors are dupable by other lines as you've mentioned.

  2. Hi Kristie, yes I agree. I like both duos, but am not in love! And I'm not sure the lipsticks are wearable by the average person, aside from Mayflower.

  3. As dupable as they may be, I think I need Dogon! I am a sucker for Nars Duos

  4. @jbrobeck: Yes, Nars duos are hard to resist aren't they! :)

  5. I'm intrigued by Dogon--- I know it's a taupe and charcoal, but it seems infinitely wearable! Have you tried layering them? Supposedly they turn more greenish?

    Thanks for posting swatches of everything--- your pictures always are such great quality =)

  6. Your pictures are always so pretty and of a really high quality. I do really like the look of the lighter shade of Dogon so will pick that one up. Thanks for the post x

  7. I think Dogon is still firmly on my list. I think the other duo is one I can miss. The pencil looks pretty but I was surprised at the glitter in clear base. I'm definitely passed an appropriate age for glitter!

    Thanks for the great photos. It will make my decision making so much easier. Have you tried layering the Dogon shades at all? Get Lippie posted about doing that with the colours and I can't wait to try it myself.
    Jane x

  8. Dovey, Thanks! I will have to try layering them next time :)

    Thanks Replica! :) I look forward to your thoughts on it if you decide to get it--the lighter shade is quite pretty.

    ModestyBrown, Thanks! :) I was also surprised about the pencil. When I ordered it online I had read it had glitter, but didn't know it was in a clear base. C'est la vie I will have to figure out how to get some use out of it! :) I haven't tried layering the Dogon shades yet, but will definitely try it out soon :)

  9. Your swatches, like most swatches of duo-chromes (so not your fault) don't do the shadows justice. These are not dupable, but you'll definitely need to see it in person.

  10. Hi WWJD, Yes, it's so hard to capture the duo-chrome quality with my camera. Definitely check out in person! :)


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