Monday, April 11, 2011

Smashbox Softbox Eye Palette

Hi everyone! When I first saw this palette mentioned on Makeup and Beauty Blog I knew this was definitely a palette I could not pass up. Nordstrom had the tester out two weeks ago, but didn't have any in stock so I ordered one online. It retails for $48 and is currently available on the Smashbox website, as well as, Ulta and QVC. This is a nice value as the cost of each shadow breaks down to less than $5 per shade when you factor in the value of the primer and brush.

This is a lighter, softer-toned palette along the lines of Urban Decay's Naked palette. There are nine shadows (versus Naked's whopping twelve shades), including seven new colors: Nectar, Lucky Penny, Sugar, Stone, Truffle, Bronze, and Taupe, along with two cream liners, a double-ended brush, and a mini Photo Finish primer.

I haven't had a chance to test this on my eyes yet, but the shadows are incredibly soft and the metallic shades are well pigmented, with the exception of Flirt, which is a little more sheer and sparkly, like a smoother MAC Lustre texture. If you're after a very defined or dramatic look you may need to supplement with a black shadow or your favorite black liner but, otherwise, this is a great selection of subtle neutrals for every day use with a nice ratio of mattes to shimmers.

Photo taken in sunlight:

Photo taken with flash lighting: 

The double-ended brush is not bad--one end is for lining and the other is a general purpose shader, which is a bit large for small eyelids, but works OK for overall application and blending. 

Included is a guide with instructions on how to achieve three different looks: "Sultry Smolder," "Naturally Nude," and "Soft Smoke."

List of ingredients (click to make it larger). Printed on the back is a video tag you can scan to your phone to view a tutorial by artist Lori Taylor on how to achieve three different soft summer looks. The video is also posted online for those of us whose phones don't have the latest technology...(that would be me!) :)   

Below are close-ups of the individual shades--click to make them larger. (I'm working with an unfamiliar camera lens so apologies for some blurriness and not-so-good lighting):

Row 1:

Row 2:

Row 3:

Swatches from left to right:  Truffle, Stone, Flirt, Nude, Sugar, Vanilla, Sienna, Lucky Penny, and Nectar
On the end are the cream liners: Taupe and Bronze: 

Left to right: Truffle, Stone, and Flirt 

Left to right: Nude, Sugar, Vanilla

Left to right: Sienna, Lucky Penny, and Nectar

Cream liners: Taupe and Bronze

To give you a better idea of the size of the palette and tones of these shades, below is Softbox pictured next to Urban Decay's Naked palette:

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  1. I really like the shades they included in the palette! I think just about all of them would look good with my skin tone which usually doesn't happen with most palettes. Usually I'll like one or two colors and then never use the others.

    btw I'm having another WhatYOULove challenge centered on the readers! For more information: Click Here

  2. What a delightful range of soft toned colours. And it's quite good value for such a set

  3. Hi WhatMissLoves: I'm the same way, many palettes include colors I never end up using, but I think this is a nice selection :) Will stop by for a look at your new reader challenge

    Hi Squeeze the Pug: It is a pretty set of shades, isn't it? Thanks for stopping by!:)

  4. I think my favorite colors out of the set are stone and truffle--- they're so delicate and soft! I overlooked this palette when it came out because of the packaging, however it looks really nice from your swatches (and more wearable for now than the NAKED palette). Have you had a chance to try it out yet? I'm curious about the quality of Smashbox shadows...

  5. Hi Dovey, Stone & Truffle are definitely among the best colors in the palette! I haven't used these yet, but plan to soon. These have a very nice texture. I find them to be comparable to Too Faced and Urban Decay shadows.

  6. oh the colours are so pretty and soft..

  7. That is a neutral eye shadow lover's dream...seriously. Gorgeous. Thanks for the review! :) xxx

  8. Hi Delytefule Speaks
    Hi Rachel

    I tried out Truffle and Stone today & really liked the results - very soft, but pretty. Thanks for commenting! :) xx

  9. I love the look you came up with, I must try putting a pewter colored shadow on the lower lashline.. very pretty!! :)

  10. Is it just my eyes or are some of the Smashbox colours more or less the same as the Urban Decay colours in those sets?

    Ms Red


  11. Hi Ms Red: Yes, there are a few that are similar. At first glance Lucky Penny looks a darker/warmer version of Half-Baked, and Sienna looks a bit like Smog. I should do a swatch comparison sometime! :) xx

  12. I don't understand your apologies re: the photograph quality- your excellent close-ups showed me EXACTLY what I wanted to know before buying! Thanks to your amzingly thorough review and pics, I can buy this knowing I won't regret it or waste money.

    Thank you!

  13. Thanks!! I'm glad it was helpful :)

  14. Which palette do you like more?I want to buy some but I can't choose.

  15. Question -- the packaging seems off - like the edges of the shadows are rounded but the cardboard top is square which looks like a bit of shadow with every application might seep on the bottom of the packaging. Is that happening?

    Also, the vanilla looks like it is almost a matte primer for your particular skin tone. Have you used it like that?

    I have compared this to Too Faced Cosmetics natural pallet for eyes. They seem to have a lot of similar shades. Have you tried that yet?

  16. Hi Anonymous: I like them both, but if you were only to choose one I would probably go with the Naked palette because it has a few darker shades. Smashbox is lovely to create softer looks.

    I haven't had any problems with the packaging in regards to the eyeshadows but in the palette I got some liquid from the bronze cream eyeliner seems to have "leaked" into the paper, but it hasn't affected the performance at all.

    The vanilla is almost the same shade as my skintone and is useful as a browbone highlight and to soften/blend out the crease color.

    Sorry, I don't have the Too Faced Natural palette--I do have the Too Faced Naked Eyes palette and it has a very similar pink, taupe, and gray. :)


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