Sunday, May 8, 2011

Dolce & Gabbana Italian Summertime: Classic Cream Lipstick - Venere

I'm slowly wrapping up this series of D&G Italian Summertime posts. In the coming week I plan to post more photos and swatches of the rest of the lipsticks in the collection, but wanted to share with you today the very bright, coral-red Venere. This is my first red lipstick! I had not originally planned to purchase this shade, but felt like I needed a lipstick with more color as the other lipsticks in this collection are all very pale. I don't plan to wear this alone (with my coloring I find it hard to wear straight red lipstick although I think it looks gorgeous and glamorous on others). I have tried mixing a bit of this shade with Luna and Mandorla and was really happy with the results. I love the formula and would definitely recommend this if you like bright, orange-based reds. It is truly a statement color that would be the focus of any look. It went on smoothly and evenly and reminded me a bit of the Guerlain Rouge G texture (number one on my list of favorite lipsticks). It does have a fairly strong fragrance as all the D&G lipsticks do, but after a while I get used to it and don't notice it as much.   

Below it is compared to Cosmopolitan (reviewed back in September here), which is more salmon-toned:

In sunlight

In flash lighting

Venere is so vibrant it almost makes Sole blush look demure

Would you wear this coral-red or are you, like me, more comfortable in neutrals or natural tones?

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  1. It looks gorgeous, in the tube AND on you! Looks so creamy and luxurious.

  2. I don't think I could pull off those colors, but those looked fabulous on you!

  3. Your photos and swatches are always so gorgeous! Everything you've posted from the D&G collection has looked lovely and Venere looks like a beautiful shade too! Cosmopolitan also looks pretty x

  4. Gorgeous color! And it looks equally gorgeous on you. Wow. I would knock people over to get the counter first to buy Venere, but I can't wear warm reds. :( My skin tone can pull it off, but unfortunately, warm reds make my teeth look like little yellow corn kernels. So I am very jealous of all you who can wear orange reds.

  5. Hi Liz, Thanks so much! It gives great coverage :)

    Hi HDTM, Thanks! :) Venere is a photogenic color, but not sure if I could wear it in real life!

    Hi Nat, Thank you! Cosmopolitan is a really nice shade for summer :)

    Hi Zuzu's Petals: Thanks! I agree orange-reds can be difficult to pull off. I find them easier to wear on nails & there are so many pretty ones available this season :)

  6. I think the colour is amazing and looks fabulous on you. I dare not wear orange/coral reds and tend to stick to more blue based colours instead. This is one for admiring only for me. :)
    Jane x

  7. Hi Jane! It's funny, this is a color that looks OK in photos, but in real life I think I looked a bit scary, lol :) When I go for darker colors I tend to reach for berry or rosy colors. xx

  8. Aha! Then I know the sort of colour it is. I had that exact same problem with a coral red Lise Watier lip crayon. In pictures it looked fine but in person it was super bright and much more orange. Some colours are extremely tricky for the camera to translate, I think xx

  9. True :) My camera especially has problems with bright fuschia pinks, like Nars Carthage. xx

  10. Gorgeous pictures - especially the first one. I need your camera! I love the picture of the berries, too.

    I think nudes will always be my comfort zone and it's wasn't that long ago that I finally reintroduced red into my collection, let alone orange lipsticks/glosses.

    It looks lovely on you, great choice! I only own two D&G lipsticks and yes, they are RED...

  11. Thanks Lexi - I love taking photographs! I'm a total amateur but did take one Black & White photography course back in college which was really fun. I've found the secret to decent photos definitely lies in a good camera, but even more so depends on good lighting! Neutrals or YLBB are definitely my comfort zone but I like to switch it up once in a while :) D&G makes some great reds!


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