Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Dolce & Gabbana Italian Summertime Collection: Vulcano Eye Colour Quad

I've been using D&G's new quad Vulcano this week and have found it to be wearable despite its warm tones (I have to be careful sometimes with burgundy/reddish-pinks because they make me look tired, but black liner helps to counteract that effect). The dark plum color would probably look great on all skintones. The rust-brown is easily blended out for a softer effect, so don't be afraid by the way it looks in my swatches :). If you use all of the colors it gives a sunset-like effect. The gold is a great neutral and results in more of a satin glow rather than high shimmer. It's useful for blending out the darker shades. If I'm in the mood for more sparkle I like to layer it over a sheer, shimmery white-gold cream shadow/base.

Compared to a few previous D&G palettes
Photo taken with flash lighting 

Photo taken in sunlight

Here is a look I did quickly in the morning before work yesterday. I used all of the colors in the palette here, but for a quick, everyday look I like to use just the gold with the plum along the upper lash line. I am by no means a makeup artist (and after looking at these photos I think I should have done a better job of blending!) nevertheless, I hope these photos will give you an idea of the overall effect. :)  

Products used: 
  • Vulcano Palette: 
    • Gold all over lid
    • Dark plum layered over liner on upper lash line and outer corner
    • Rust-brown in crease 
    • Burgundy-rose above crease
    • More of the gold to blend above crease
  • Top lash line: Urban Decay 24/7 liner - Zero 
  • Lower lash line: D&G Bronzo eyeliner 
  • Mascara: Make Up Forever Smoky Lash  

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  1. Gorgeous - you make me want to visit the D&G counter! I'm just sad that I missed the F&F sale at Saks.

  2. That is so pretty, and really works well with your eye colour (I have eye colour envy again!) Very tempted by this.

  3. Hi Lexi! Thanks! Aww that's too bad you missed the F&F sale, every little discount helps w/these pricey items! Wish I had a D&G counter in my area, but the SA helps by describing the colors over the phone xx

    Hi Grace! Thanks! I love brown eyes as every color looks great on them! :) xx

  4. Beautiful! I love the sunset look for eyes. I have some new NARS on the way thanks to your pictures :)

  5. Really pretty shades! Love the look you created with them. The D&G liner also looks lovely x

  6. That really looks good on you, I really like how you have applied and blended the colours x

  7. Not my favourite shades but wow girl it looks so pretty on you!

  8. WOW that is STUNNING!! It really brings out your eyes.

  9. Hi Martha - thanks! This is the first time I've ever tried it. Trying to get more creative :)
    Hope you like the Nars xx

    Hi Nat, Thanks! I really like the Bronzo liner for the lower lashline, it's light but does give a little definition. xx

    Hi Replica, Thanks so much! :) I tried to soften the burgundy rose so it wouldn't be too overwhelming xx

    Hi Delyteful Speaks, Thanks! :) I know, I was a little worried about how they would look, especially the rust color xx

    Hi Perilously Pale, Thanks so much! :) xx

  10. Noooooooooooo! I love the colors in this quad. They're right up my alley. URGH. I thought I was done buying stuff for a while. Incorrect. This color-way looks gorgeous on you. You *totally* sold it. :) xxx

  11. That is gorgeous on you! The pinkish tone is surprisingly wearable. I need another lemming like a hole in the head! x jeanie

    ps your brows are AMAZING!

  12. Hi Rachel, Thanks & I know the feeling! :) -- I am totally done for a long while after all of the stuff I've bought this season. The only good thing is D&G's quads are usually available for a long time :) xx

    Hi Makeup Merriment, Thanks very much!! Sorry for creating yet another lemming--would it help any if I said it's pretty, but easily duped? :)xx

  13. Beautiful!!!! Your pictures are gorgeous..... What type of camera do you use?

  14. Hi Stacy, Thank you!! I use a Panasonic Lumix DMC G-1 :)

  15. I love DG, but did not get this quad. I have fair skin with cool tones, blue-green eyes, and honey blonde hair; was I wrong not to get it? I hesitated once with the DG Evocative eye duo and then decided to take a chance with it and wow! It looked beautiful one me. So what do you think? Thanks.

  16. You have such beautiful eyes! I've never tried D&G makeup before and rarely see reviews on it. I like that you featured something new.

  17. Hi Nemo, If golds & burgundy pinks work well on you this quad should be flattering. It will definitely make your blue-green eyes stand out!

    Hi Hopelessly Devoted To Makeup, Thanks so much! :) I really like D&G makeup. Wish they had a counter in my area - it can be difficult to find swatches online sometimes :)


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