Monday, May 30, 2011

Sand & Sea - shades for summer nails

Opalescent pearls and sparkling tans ... shimmering taupes and beiges and golds ...

Left to right: OPI Pearl of Wisdom, China Glaze Knotty, Paul & Joe #27,OPI DS Classic, Chanel Trapeze

    1. Orly: Sand Castle
    2. OPI: Cosmo-not Tonight Honey!
    3. OPI: DS Classic
    4. Paul & Joe: #27
    5. Chanel: Trapeze
    6. Dior: Timeless Gold
    7. Zoya: Jules
    8. Estee Lauder: Extravagant Pearl
    9. OPI: Pearl of Wisdom
    10. Nicole by OPI: Oy Oy Oyster
    11. OPI: Up Front & Personal 
    12. China Glaze: Knotty
    13. Chanel: Lily Beige
    14. MAC: Hangin' Loose
    15. Zoya: Dulcinea
    16. China Glaze: Sunset Sail
    17. Zoya: Uli
    18. Paul & Joe: #03

Cerulean blue and nautical navy ... iridescent teal and mermaid green ...

Left to right: Royal Navy, I Know What Boys Like, Blue Iguana, Trophy Wife, Ocean Dip, Mermaid's Tears

  1. China Glaze: Bermuda Breakaway 
  2. Orly: Royal Navy 
  3. Essie: Aruba Blue 
  4. Sally Hansen: Pacific Blue 
  5. Essie: Smooth Sailing 
  6. Essie: Coat Azure 
  7. China Glaze: Blue Iguana 
  8. Sinful Colors: Nail Junkie 
  9. Nubar: Earth 
  10. Essie: Trophy Wife 
  11. Sally Hansen: Fairy Teal 
  12. MAC: Ocean Dip 
  13. Essie: Turquoise & Caicos 
  14. OPI: Mermaid's Tears 
  15. OPI: Stranger Tides 
  16. Sally Hansen: Paparazzi 
  17. Essie: Absolutely Shore 
  18. Lippmann: I Know What Boys Like


  1. I like the look of MAC Ocean Dip! I never thought of picking up the polishes from Surf Baby, but that one looks really nice. :)

  2. Wow! What an excellent post.I am almost afraid to look again.

    OK, tell me what you think of Chanel Trapeze. In the bottle, it is a color I could gaze lovingly at all day. I'd paint my car that color. But on my nails, I am transported to a Boogie Nights roller disco party in a polyester dress with a collar like the wings of a 747. What happened??? So I just stare at the bottle and whimper a little.

  3. God, you are talented. As I kept scrolling down on my computer screen I continued to be amazed. Your work with the lens is enviable. I especially liked the polishes in the sand and I want that Chanel Trapeze!

  4. Absolutely gorgeous and what a great idea for a summer post!! Have you tried Deborah Lippman's Believe polish, apparently created with Cher-- very pretty platinum-pewter color and wears beautifully! Your photographs are quite breathtaking, I always wait for a new post from you! :)

  5. @Jbrobeck Thank you :) I love these colors

    @Justine, Ocean Dip is really pretty! I didn't used to like teals/mint colors but am really warming up to them this season :)

    @Zuzu, Thanks! Your comment made me smile LOL :) Yes, I know what you mean...I like it but it is not an absolute favorite. It can be nice on fingers for a night out--maybe with a simple black dress (minus the polyester & 747 winged collar) ;) I normally use it just for pedi. It is so pretty in the bottle... :)

    @HDTM - Aw, thanks! You are sweet, but it is only the luck of having bright South Florida sunlight and a decent lens :) This post reminds me, I need to use Trapeze more often!

  6. Hi Lakshmi! Thanks so much! :) Oh yes, I bought 'Believe' over the Christmas holiday season and I can't believe I didn't think to include it! It's so pretty. I first saw it featured on The Non-Blonde and then went out to get it! :)

  7. What a great post! It feels like I took a very brief trip to the ocean just now. :) I have a lot of blues but very few shimmery sand colours. Now I feel like going on the hunt for them!

  8. Hey I bought, Caught with my Khakis Down from the Sephora OPI collection because of your post. This may induce sea colored nail polish cravings - not like I don't already have them!

  9. That is a awesome post! Love it! The sand colours are my favorites! I have a few nailpolishes from the Estee Lauder Bronze Collections that I wear in my holidays.

    Thanks for the post! I tweeted it right now!


  10. I'm in love with your nail wheels!

  11. Beautiful post and photos! So many pretty taupes and beiges in the sand collection. Chanel Trapeze and Lily Beige are stunning!

  12. So many beautiful polishes and fantastic shots. I went into Sally's a few weeks ago to get some nail wheels, but they were all out. Your post has re-inspired me :) xxxxxx

  13. @Liz, Thanks! I love the sandy colors they match with anything! :) Blues are so pretty to look at but I don't wear them as often

    @Lexi, Hi, Just read your post - the Khaki looks great on you :)

    @Sandra/Sternchenslove, Thanks! I think the sandy colors are my fave too :)

    @Stephanie, Thanks! They are fun to do when I have some free time :)

    @Nat, Thanks! I really like the way Lily Beige looks. I haven't used it yet on my nails, but plan to do so soon!

    Hi Rachel, Thanks! :) I decided to use the nail wheels instead of my owns hands for the blog because it's easier sometimes! I got mine on ebay (my Sally's didn't have any in stock) xx

  14. those are really gorgeous summer colors! I love corals for summer too :)

  15. This post was so dreamy and wonderful! I loved it from beginning and didn't want it to end! So many glorious shades! Your collection is amazing! I have a nice stash of nudes, greens and blues but I'm missing so many wonderful hues! Thanks for the lemmings! xx jeanie

  16. @luv2smilexo, I love corals too I should do a corals post soon! :)

    @makeup merriment, Thanks!:) There are so many pretty colors available, and just when I think I couldn't possibly need any more polish I see a new shade I can't resist! xx :)

  17. Your photography skill is amazing! Love the sand & sea theme you've created. You've just renewed my love for Chanel trapeze. It has been sitting in the bottom of my drawer for quite a while now since I've been enjoying mimosa and morning rose at the moment. I think I will use trapeze when I redo my nails this weekend.

  18. Hi Paige, Thank you!! :) Mimosa & Morning Rose are so pretty. I should probably get Mimosa before it's out of stock! I've had Trapeze for a long time and ought to use it more often :)

  19. I think this is the prettiest nail post I have ever laid my eyes on! Awesome post! Love love love!! <3 <3 <3

  20. Hi Me, my best and I, Lily Beige is a great shade - definitely a favorite :) Thanks for stopping by!

  21. I'm not a massive nail person but your swatches make me want EVERY single nail polish you showed us! So good and such a pretty display. X

  22. Hi Mercedes, Thank you! :) I wasn't so into nails myself until about a year ago, but now I would say I probably have WAY too much polish! :)

  23. FABULOUS post!!! Thank you so much! :D

    1. Thank you! Had fun doing this post :)

  24. this was just beautiful! one of your nail polish wheel made me stumble upon your blog and i never left!

  25. Thanks very much!! It was fun putting together this series of posts :)


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