Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Sephora by OPI: Safari Luxe Collection

A new favorite pale, taupey-nude

Dusty camouflage-green creme 

Medium orange with subtle pink shimmer (mini-set exclusive)

Medium metallic violet/purple with very fine teal & pink shimmers

L-R: Once a CheetahAlways a Cheetah: tangerine with gold shimmer;  Wild About Shimmer: sheer white-gold shimmer, and A Color That Can't Be Tamed: silvery sage-green shimmer

Here is Don't Feed the Hand Models compared to Essie's Topless & Barefoot
-- it's very similar but a bit darker. Love both of these!

More views in different lighting:

with flash

in sunlight

From Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge a few years ago

Zarafa: enjoyed this true story of a 19th-century giraffe's journey from Africa to Paris. 
 Recommended for history buffs and animal lovers. (Nail color is Lancome's Sarong.)

My own indoor "wild" animal, watching birds

She is thinking: "Get that camera outta my face, lady!"


  1. I loved this entire post! What a fabulous set of polishes! I really love Don't feed the hand models. Such a fab neutral! Your kitty is such a beauty. x

  2. Hi MM: Thanks very much! Don't Feed the Hand Models is my favorite in this collection. Lately it seems like the vendors are really trying to outdo each other with all these interesting polish names :) xx

  3. I just saw these at Sephora on the weekend, I immediately thought of you because I got the Urban Ballerina minis after your review. I only ended up with the full size of Don't feed the hand models, yes very pretty indeed, I wonder how it compares to the concrete colored polish from OPI's Pirates of the Caribbean Collection...
    Btw, just wanted to let you know, I picked up a adorable mini trio of Benefit's Posietint, Benetint and High Beam, at $15 it's a sweet deal and minis are always cute right? :)

  4. I've been looking for a good neutral - Don't Feed the Hand Models might be it! Lovely photos - especially love the kitty :)

  5. Loved this post -- the nails, the book, less-than-real animals, and then the gorgeous black cat! I have a little black Burmese with those green saucer eyes that view birds with the same intensity.

  6. Hi Cosmetics Aficionado: Thank you!! :)

    Hi Lakshmi, Don't Feed the Hand Models is definitely my fave of the entire collection. I think the Pirates of the Caribbean shade is a lot more gray toned. The Benefit mini trio sounds great - I don't have any of those so it would be perfect to try them out! :) thanks!

    Hi Larie, Thanks!! I like this one a lot :)

    Hi Debra, Thank you! :) Burmese cats are beautiful. Mine is a Maine Coon--she has a quirky personality!

  7. That last shot of your kitty was fab! Yes Your Lioness was also a very pretty shade, so summery. I'll need to go check these out in person now.

  8. Thanks for doing this! I was looking at these but couldn't test them on my nails, so I didn't get any. Great idea placing them with the plants to really accentuate the theme!

  9. I really love the aesthetic of your photos! The background you chose really give the polishes a natural/safari feel. All the shades are lovely; makes me feel like I want to collect them all.

    I also love the photo of your kitty (I love cats!) I have a Burmese. She loves to watch birds too and she likes to make these strangest and funny sounds whenever she spots a bird right up close.

  10. Hi HDTM, Thanks! :) Yes Your Lioness is definitely perfect for summer!

    Hi Liz, Thank you! The taupe-nude from this collection is nice, if you are in need of one. The green is pretty too, but probably less practical!

    Hi Paige, Thanks! :) Burmese are so pretty. I know that strange sound they make when they are hunting, they get so excited - it's funny to watch :)

  11. Kitty! What a pretty girl. I was totally gushing over the nail polish until pretty kitty took the spotlight! My Himmy blend wants to headbutt your Burmy. (To people who don't speak CAT, headbutts are good, a true sign of love.) I absolutely love Don't Feed the Hand Models and now I am afraid I need to hunt down Essie's Topless & Barefoot, too. Great post with great pictures.

  12. Hi Zuzu's Petals, Thank you! I was surprised & happy to see so many readers have cats too! :) I think that DFTHM & the Essie are so similar that most people could probably do with just one, yet they are just different enough that I'm still glad to have both. :)

  13. I know I'm late coming to the party here, but I had to tell you what a great post this is! I especially like your giraffes :-). Did you ever see the Direct TV commercials that feature an über rich Russian and his miniature giraffe? Hilarious!

    I purchased Yes, Your Lioness for my fingers and Once a Cheetah Always a Cheetah for my toes. The bright and cheerful oranges look fab with blue jeans and will get a lot of use this summer. I already have the Essie polish so I gave Don't Feed the Hand Models a miss, but it is a great neutral and will probably end up being the star of the collection.

  14. Hi Eileen! Thanks so much :) I have seen that commercial--it is so funny! Great choices for fingers and toes - the two colors you picked coordinate so well & are perfect for the season!


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