Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sunday Shopping: Calypso St. Barth for Target

I love the casual and pretty dresses from Calypso St. Barth and their summery Mimosa fragrance, so was pleased to see the brand partnered with Target for a limited time this season. I didn't purchase any clothing, but did see a very cute maxi-dress, some pretty island shirts, as well as sleepwear and children's wear. (See Jonesy Loves' feature for more merchandise photos and visit Don't Call Me Jessie who shared photos of her pretty glass votive holders). Here are my little purchases below:

Cylinder Case $9.99 and Train Case $19.99. Perfect for an island getaway! :)

I like the bamboo zipper pulls

Votive candle-holder -- is it just me, or does this look a little like a cheese grater? ;)
I enjoy the glow of candlelight during movie-nights at home.
 The flameless, tea-light LED candles are great!  
Below is the classic Pazzi dress purchased from Calypso St. Barth a few years ago (this is not available at Target, although their Merona brand has produced copies in the past). It's a super-comfortable, shift dress made of silk dupioni. At one time it was available in a wide range of the most beautiful colors. It is still being produced but I noticed it is only offered in a few colors now. It can be belted for a more defined silhouette or worn as is, in the traditional shift dress manner (visit the blog les anti-modernes to see how it looks on).

If you have some free time I recommend visiting the Calypso website for some virtual window-shopping. They are pricey but have great clothing, accessories, and even items for the home, all with an island living aesthetic. Even in times when I can't afford to splurge I still like to look and take away ideas and inspiration, and dream of jetting off for a long stay in an ocean-side villa at a French island resort ... *sigh* ...but it's back to work for me tomorrow! :)

Enjoy your Sunday everyone!


  1. What a great beachy vibe! I love the color and collar on the shirt! I never hear about target collections until it's too late (especially in a city) =)

  2. Hi Dovey, Thanks! You can still find a lot of the merchandise in Target stores, but there might be a better selection on :)

  3. you have a very nice and informative blog. I love the pictures, they're great quality. New follower here :)


  4. Hey!! I love those makeup bags1 I'm obsessed with collecting makeup bags-- I have a small collection from Paul & Joe GWPs, they are really cute and elegant looking. I did get a dress from this line, have always liked the look of these tunics and island wear -- reminds me a bit of Indian tunics called "kurtas"! :)

  5. Cute - I was at Target the other day and unfortunately was unable to really check out the Calyspso line. I remember smelling the Mimosa scent some years back and loving it. I recently got a sample from the Lucky Scent boutique website and I barely wear it because now it just smells too soapy for me.

    Ha funny how our noses can disagree with us so quickly.

  6. Hi Lakshmi, I love Paul & Joe makeup bags. They have the most beautiful packaging as well. :)

    Hi Lexi, I know what you mean--there are fragrances I loved 10 years ago but when I try them now I wonder how I ever wore them! :)

  7. The Target "special collections" have become a midnight experience for me to order online.

    I bought the ombre (not really tie-dyed) tee and the navy blue strapless dress. The real sleepers though were the adorable the elephant teapot (for serving iced tea) and the melamine platter and plates. The bright pink platter is huge and durable; the turquoise-print plates are also large-sized. I've already used them for serving several times. Much higher quality than melamine sold in "better" stores!

  8. Hi Debra, The elephant teapot sounds cute! I didn't see it or the plates - must stop by my local Target again soon! :)

  9. I bought those items in-store. I was amazed at their size, and the teapot is so cute!

  10. Looking forward to seeing it! :)


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