Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Sea & Sand series conclusion: MAC and a visit to the beach

"Aquamarine" is a sage green in the jar that goes on light silvery-seafoam green. 
From MAC's Surf the OceaCrushed Metallic Pigment stack 

"Pearl" is a shimmery, pale pink 
From MAC's Summer Stash Crushed Metallic Pigment stack. 

To wrap up this summer series I thought I'd share some photos from a visit to Matheson Hammock in Coral Gables (Miami, Florida) below. I've been going here for many years and it is a peaceful spot to spend some time near the ocean when you want to avoid the crowds on Miami Beach. When I was a child my family and I would see many hermit crabs and even took a few home and kept them as pets (admittedly, probably not the best thing to have done!). Sadly they seemed to have vanished over the years, although there are still plenty of fiddler crabs and many species of birds. This is considered more of a family-friendly beach and has a man-made atoll for swimming. There is a nice little restaurant in a historic coral-rock building on property, with a view of the beach and the water. On the day I visited a couple of weeks ago there were a few windsurfers out making the most of the windy weather.

(Click on any of the smaller photos to make them larger.)



Morning view

Evening view

Red Fish Grill restaurant

Cute, black sea-faring ducks - anyone know what the scientific name is for these little guys? 
Cormorants (a thank you to Amber for identifying them!) 

A nice spot for a picnic

Entrance to a fiddler crab's hide-away

Dreaming of a vacation home by the sea

Lots of seafoam and seaweed 

The American White Ibis

Didn't run into any crocodiles! 

Mangrove trees

A view of Biscayne Bay

Squirrel crossing

Deep inside a mangrove thicket



 Hope you enjoyed this virtual trip to Matheson Hammock. Have a great summer everyone! 


  1. Thank you so much for your Sea and Sand Series! It's been such a beautiful experience!

  2. I'm actually from HI :) I love water birds! Your pictures are so, so gorgeous :)

  3. Hi Perilously Pale - thanks so much! It was a lot of fun to put together!

    Hi Larie, Thanks! I've always wanted to visit HI - looks like a beautiful place. We have the White Ibis all over the place and some parrots, but these particular black ducks I've only seen near the ocean. :)

  4. Aquamarine looks so different between the pigment and the swatch. A little too frosty for my taste though.

    As usual, the pictures are so gorgeous. This would be my type of vacation. Very peaceful and relaxing. I don't like going to busy places for vacation. I end up with headaches rather than getting to relax. The atmosphere of the restaurant looks very lovely. Thank you for sharing these wonderful sceneries.

  5. Hi Paige, I was surprised at how different the Aquamarine looks in the jar and in swatches. It's a pretty color, but definitely shimmery. Thank you! I think I'm the same way, I prefer to be away from the crowds whenever possible! :) I love being near the ocean.

  6. What a gorgeous series you have been posting on. I'm so envious of your awesome camera skills! What beautiful pictures and thanks for letting us come along!

  7. Now this is summer, the very essence of it!

    Don't know if you've ever seen the film, "Notorious," with Cary Grant and Ingrid Bergman. It's in black and white and set initially in Miami or even Coral Gables. The palms blowing in the wind look a lot like these older ones, only they're in color.

    I bought the other stack of MAC crushed metallic pigments (better for my coloring). They're wonderful to use. I wish MAC would come out with a few more of this product, maybe in gray-blue for fall?

    Enjoy your summer. Your photography is superb.

  8. your pictures are so lovely that I think I would follow your blog even if it wasnt makeup related!

  9. Great pictures! I feel like I just went on a mini-vacay in my head. :)

  10. Hi Hopelessly Devoted to Makeup: Thanks so much you are sweet! xx Glad you liked the photos :)

    Hi Debra, Thanks very much! :) I have seen parts of Notorious - love the style of the Hitchcock films (North by Northwest, The Birds, Rear Window, To Catch a Chief, etc.) & of course Cary Grant is so great. I didn't know it had scenes filmed in Miami - I should definitely rent it sometime. :)

    Hi luv2smilexo, Aww thanks so much for the nice compliment! :)

    Liz, Thank you! :) We all could use more vacations right? :)

    Biba, Thank you! :)

  11. Great pictures! I have really enjoyed your Sea and Sand series. I too live in Florida (Tampa), and often feel blessed to live surrounded by so much natural beauty. :-)

    ~ Katherine

  12. Hi Katherine, Thanks very much! I feel the same way and just need to remind myself to make the time to get out there and spend time in nature & at the beaches here more often! :)

  13. Cormorants, I believe!

    Beautiful photos!

  14. Hi Amber, Thank you! :) I was wondering what they were called and couldn't find them on Google. Thanks! :)

  15. Gorgeous pictures! The last time I was in Florida, I was right outside of Orlando visiting my mother-in-law. We took our daughter to Disneyworld. I would have loved to have spent some time here as well.

  16. Hi Lexi, Thank you! I love Disney World (except for the looong lines). I went a few years ago with my nephews. Definitely time to go back! :)

  17. This is a great post - your pictures are amazing . . . Miami is definitely on my list of places to visit after reading this! x

  18. Hi Modavista, Thank you :) and thanks for stopping by! Love your youtube tutorials :)


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