Tuesday, July 19, 2011

NARS Fall 2011

Nars Fall 2011 launched recently in stores and on Nars.com. The collection is described by NARS as "edgy" and "avant-garde." It is definitely not your typical mix of colors. The bold, electric blue matte shadow is especially unexpected among the more subdued dusty rose, taupe, and earthy green and gray shades. I purchased all except for the Mascate Pure Matte lipstick and the Train Bleu Velvet Matte Lip Pencil, but have included below an iPhone photo I took at Nordstrom of these two shades: Train Bleu is eggplant/aubergine (I'd love this as an eye pencil!), and Mascate is an intense red. (The model in the display photo above is wearing Outremer Single Eyeshadow, Rue Saint Honoré Large Than Life Long-Wear Eyeliner, and Pago Pago Lipstick.) 

For better photos of these two shades as well as the entire collection, visit Makeup and Beauty Blog
Stop by Messy Wands for photos and a review of Train Bleu Velvet Matte Lip Pencil. 
Irish Beauty Blog has product photos and a peek at some of the new Larger Than Life Long-Wear eyeliners. 

Delphes trio eyeshadow: sheer shimmery champagne-peach, matte dove grey, and sage green shimmer

Outremer single eyeshadow: vibrant cerulean blue

Grand Palais duo eyeshadow: silvery-plum-taupe and dusty rose

Oasis blush: brownish plummy-rose with gold shimmer flecks

Montego Bay Pure Matte Lipstick: bright rosy pink

Pago Pago lipstick: light dusty nude-pink with silver micro-shimmer

Oasis Lip Gloss: mauve-berry, with very subtle gold shimmer  

Galion Nail Polish: grey noir (cream)

Pictured above in sunlight, same order as prior photo
What a difference lighting makes in the way a color appears! In sunlight these almost look like they have blue tones, but they appear more warm-toned under fluorescent lighting. 

Pictured above in indoor lighting

Pictured above in sunlight

Pictured above in flash lighting

L-R: Oasis blush, Montego Bay, Oasis gloss, Pago Pago

Note: In sunlight the blush and lip products appear to be brighter and warmer. 
The flash photos look a bit closer to reality. 

  Oasis gloss does closely resemble Oasis blush, and it has the same tiny flecks of gold shimmer. 
It's a perfect "your lips, but better" shade. 

I wore the Grand Palais duo to work today and below is the quick and basic look I did this morning (had trouble getting these colors to show up well on camera). I used the silvery taupe shade on the lid and the dusty rose in the crease. I don't wear dark pink shadows often, but this one is fairly subtle. I may try using it with chocolate brown or bronze next as I'm not sure I'm loving it this way. I prefer the silvery-taupe shade all on its own, and would have been happy to buy it as a single! If anyone has creative ideas on other ways to use this duo please share! :)  

Montego Bay lipstick topped with Oasis gloss 

At first glance, my favorites from this collection are Oasis gloss, the silvery-taupe half of the Grand Palais duo and the gorgeous soft green shade from the Delphes trio. Although Oasis blush is not new, it's also a long-time favorite. And though it may not be entirely unique, I love Galion nail polish for an intense, glossy, almost-but-not-quite black look. 

Pago Pago is a soft and pretty pink-nude, and the only downside is its micro-shimmers which tend to stick around once the lipstick has worn off. The color of Montego Bay is lovely, but the Pure Matte formula seems to require a few extra steps to make it look decent on me (but this is probably because I am no spring chicken). I usually blot it with my finger to spread it evenly and to make it less bright/intense, and then add gloss on top--guess this totally defeats the purpose of a matte lipstick? :) 

Do you have any favorites?


  1. Your pictures are absolutely gorgeous. What camera do you use?

  2. Hi productdoctor, I'm using a Panasonic Lumix DMC-G1 with its standard lens for some shots & a Leica macro lens for the close-ups. :) Thanks for visiting!

  3. Awesome!! I've been waiting for your review =). I've been dreaming of getting my hands on this collection for the past month, at least; I know for sure I have to get Pago Pago, grand palais, and outremer. The color of grand palais in your swatch is a lot browner than I'd imagined, but I suppose that's more wearable. The look you did is quite lovely... I have on idea how I'm going to balance a matte rose with silvery taupe on my eye. I was initially thinking of blending the two like Karen at mbb did to get a mauvey color. We'll see!

  4. Hi Dovey, Thanks :) in the flash swatch photo there was moisturizer on my arm and it caused the matte rose to turn darker & brownish! (I should try to replace that photo in the future with a more accurate one!) The actual color is closer to the close-up swatch at the end :)
    Good idea to blend the two shades together, I'll try that next! :) I haven't tried Outremer in a look yet, but to achieve the vibrant color in the pan you definitely have to build up the color as it's kind of sheer in the beginning. Karen at mbb has a nice review on this one as well :)

  5. Lovely swatches! NARS Oasis was my first NARS blush and I love it.

  6. Beautiful! Those shades look great on you. The only thing I'll pick up will be the Galion NP. I'm such a sucker for that moody shade.

  7. Summer barely started and all the brands are already releasing collections from fall! Thanks so much for sharing the NARS goodies with us. I am always in awe of your photos and swatches. Luckily I haven't always been a fan of NARS products so my wallet is safe from this collection. The colors look absolutely gorgeous on you though.

  8. Lovely photos of the new NARS collection. I'm usually eager to see what NARS puts out every season but I'm not quite sure what to think of the collection, maybe it will grow on me once I see it in person. Thanks for sharing :)

  9. I love that single eyeshadow amazing color :D Blush and the gloss tooo.... :( I wish nars shipped worldwide atleast :(

  10. LOVE your polish pictures - you capture the colors so nicely. The only thing I purchased from this collection was the Outremer single shadow. I have been loving it as a bottom liner with a nude eye look. It's the safest way to wear this intense color at the office. I passed on the Grand Palais duo because I know the rose side will make my eyes look irritated.

  11. Oh and I'm glad I already picked up Oasis gloss from Sephora when it was released to match the blush (which I picked up at Nordstrom shortly after purchasing the gloss).

  12. This collection looks lovely. I also have Oasis blush (and love it), and I see myself easily getting the lipgloss and the duo, as I haven't yet met a taupe I could resist...
    Thank you for the detailed presentation and, of course, for the photographs which are simply amazing!
    Nina x

  13. Great swatches and pictures! This collection looks amazing . . . I've been lusting after the Oasis blush for sooo long, and after seeing these pictures I want it even more! :)

  14. The duo looks great on you! Oh I do love NARS but not their price tags :(

  15. I was hoping you were going to review this! So useful as always.
    I think Grand Palais looks really nice on you, I don't do to well with rosy shades either but this one looks wearable.
    Do you find the lipgloss quite sticky/tacky?

  16. awesome pictures! I need that polish and that blue eye shadow... gorgeous :)

  17. Hi Rai, Thank you! :) Oasis is a really nice blush :)

    Hi Liz, Me too - I love Galion! Thank you! :)

    Hi Kristie, Thanks so much :) I know what you mean about the fall collections launching so early - I still haven't worn some of the summer stuff I have! It's good that your wallet is safe from this collection because there is surely something more exciting coming out around the holidays! :)

    Hi pinkribbons, It is sort of an odd collection, isn't it? There are a few very nice items, but I'm not sure if it will appeal to everyone overall.

    Hi Sugar, thanks for commenting :) The blue really stands out in this collection. Sorry to hear Nars doesn't ship to your area, but it looks like they have revamped their website very recently and ship to more countries. Perhaps worth a look to see if anything has changed for your location?

    Hi Lexi, Thank you! :) that's a great idea to wear the Outremer as a bottom liner. I tried it as a top liner and liked it but had to build it up a bit to get the color I wanted. Certain pinks can definitely be difficult to pull off on eyes! :) I kept thinking that Oasis gloss was one of the ones from Sephora but couldn't remember! Glad I got it finally :)

    Hi Nina, thank you! :) I really like the Oasis gloss - hope you enjoy your picks from the collection! :)

    Hi Modavista, Thank you! Oasis blush is very nice and super-pigmented. I really like Nars blushes in general :)

    Hi The Make-up Fairy, Thanks so much! :) Yes, it's definitely a pricey indulgence :)

    Hi Replica, Thanks very much! :) The gloss is slightly tacky/sticky, but not too bad. It's quite sheer but does give a bit of healthy color to the lips. The gold shimmer is not really noticeable.

  18. Hi Lucy, thanks! :) I'm loving the polish for fall/winter, but of course it would look good any time of the year! :)

  19. Gorgeous pictures, as always, and your EOTD looks stunning. I am somewhat happy that none of the colors is calling to me, though I am drawn to the nail polish.

  20. Hi ZP, thank you for the sweet compliment. :) It's always a good thing to be able to walk away from a collection and save the money for something you can't live without! :)

  21. I love the photos. :D This collection is so lovely. NARS did a great job. lol! I'm wanting that eye shadow duo.

  22. Hi StealMyHeartLove, Thank you :) NARS always comes up with the most creative collections!

  23. Hi!
    I have similar green eyes and was hoping to see a look that mixed outremer with grand palais to create a plummy look. Could you post one? Thanks!

  24. Hi Ali, I will try to update if I have some free time. It's been raining every day so I haven't been able to take good photos lately. Have you had a chance to see Karen at Makeup and Beauty Blog's look using Outremer and Grand Palais? She used the taupey side + Outremer. :)


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