Friday, August 19, 2011

Dolce & Gabbana Fall 2011 Sweet Temptations

The Fall 2011 Sweet Temptations collection includes the following items: 

Cocoa - matte pale chamois-beige, matte soft warm orange, shimmery sienna-brown, shimmery plum-brown
Cinnamon shimmery pale pink, shimmery champagne-beige 
Candied shimmery light yellow gold
Green Almond dark metallic green
Cinnamon cream lipstick 
Almond shine lipstick warm nude with subtle shimmer
Chocolate nail lacquer dark chocolate brown
Praline lipgloss warm nude-pink with subtle shimmer
Berry lipliner 
Shimmer illuminating powder cool, pale dusty brownish-rose
Mocha blush

You may notice there are a few items on the list above that don't have color descriptions and that's because I haven't seen photos of them and didn't want to take a wild guess! If you haven't already, visit the Beauty Look Book for excellent swatches, photos and some very helpful comparisons, as well as features on a couple of the items that are not shown here, Praline lip gloss and Almond lipstick. I purchased five items: the eye quad, the eye duo, one eyeliner (Candied), the illuminating powder, and the nail lacquer. 

As you can see, I got a little carried away with the Sweet Temptations theme of this collection. I've pretty much eaten my way through this post, and I think I may have gained a pound or two along the way! 

This product is quite unlike anything I've tried. I originally thought this was a highlighter. The name Shimmer is a bit deceptive because this is not at all shimmery, although it does give the very subtlest glow to the skin. It is a nude/flesh-toned pink with brown tones. The very fair-skinned might be able to use this as a natural-looking blush/bronzer/contour. It goes on a bit darker than it appears in the pan. On my medium-fair skin I can brush this on liberally and use it in the same manner as a bronzer. 


Cinnamon duo is a nice basic palette, and these shades are especially useful as overall lid colors for simple, everyday looks. I will probably use these mainly for brow bone and inner-corner highlighting. The texture of the pink shade is a tad chalkier in comparison to the champagne beige. There are many similar shades on the market, but I do like that these are not metallic or frosty. They have a nice balance of shimmer to brighten the eyes, while avoiding an overly reflective appearance. cake

Candied eyeliner looks like a white gold, but on the eyes it comes across as more of a light yellow gold. I like to use light shimmery shades like this to brighten up the inner third of my eyes, but wouldn't use this all on its own. I used it today on the entire lower lash line and applied some dark shadow along the outer half for definition. The pencil worked well as a base for the shadow to adhere to. 

I like Candied for that little extra shimmer factor, which can transform a look from dry and dull to bright and sparkling. If you don't like yellow gold tones but would like to try one of their highlighting eye pencils, I would choose instead Shimmer eyeliner, which is a pearly champagne-pink.  

Compared to Nars Alhambra and Sugarland duos below: 

chocolate covered graham cookies

Chocolate nail lacquer is a very dark brown that is essentially the color of Hershey's chocolate syrup. The formula is thick, gives a glossy finish and covers adequately in two coats. 

Looks chocolately good!

in flash lighting 

Cocoa eye quad contains a shade I've never tried before, a matte orange. Since I bought this sight unseen I thought it was perhaps a peach but, as you can see by the swatches it is truly orange. I was surprised, though, that it is not difficult to wear and can be toned down with the buff shade. It can also be used in the crease and is useful to blend out the edges of either of the brown shades. I would not recommend Cocoa to those who avoid warm shades, as two out of four colors in the palette are extremely warm. The texture and pigmentation of these is very nice, although the plum brown seemed a bit powdery. The sienna brown was smoother and seemed more better pigmented. The buff shade was finely-milled, with no chalkiness.  

Above is my first attempt at using this quad this morning. The shades blended together produce an overall burnt umber effect. I used all four colors here, and the Candied eye pencil on the inner corner. Although both browns in the quad have shimmer, it is very subtle, so the look created is for the most part a matte one. (Sorry, these photos aren't the greatest to show what the colors really look like.) 

a slightly better view of the Cinnamon duo and Candied liner

in flash lighting

Have a great weekend! 


  1. and 2 favorite things =)

    darn, now I have a craving for cinnamon buns and D&G's illuminating powder. It's perfect as a neutral blush, especially when you're not sure what to wear. =)

  2. beautiful!! i love what you did with it on your eyes. and all the food pictures makes me hungry haha

  3. oh my god, your sweetie photos are almost better than the make up! need some sugar now ;)

  4. Simply the prettiest pictures, and now I am hungry!! I think I will scroll through this post a few more times before deciding on my snack :)

  5. Your food photos are amazing! I love the eye pencil, but the cupcake and cinnamon roll have captured my heart :D

  6. I love the soft orange eyeshadow in the quad, the brown and orange theme reminds me of Jaffas!

  7. Beautiful, I love everything you purchased from this collection :-) The sweets look so tempting...I need a sugar fix now!

  8. MMM I don't know which one I prefer the most: the make up or the food :P

  9. Hi Joyce, Food & makeup what's not to love, right? :)

    Hi kellyyes, Thank you! I think I'll need to play around with this palette to come up with some better looks! :)

    Hi ketoglutarat, Thanks - I enjoyed eating all of these sweet treats over the last few days! :)

    Hi Martha, thanks for stopping by - hope you found a satisfying snack! :)

    Hi Larie, The pink cupcake is from a popular local bakery (Misha's) - love their decadent treats!

    Hi pinkribbons, The soft orange is a good color to have for a change, and a color I don't see included in palettes very often. Jaffas would fit in very well with this theme! :)

    Hi Rei, thanks - it was fun taking photos of all the sweet treats! :)

    Hi Mercedes - I know, it's a tough choice, makeup or food? Ah, why choose when we can have both! ;)

  10. Wow these look so gorgeous, but I was afraid they would be too warm. Thanks much for your honest review. Makup artists are always trying to convince me to wear orange eyeshadow, but I just don't like it, even if I managed to make it look good. I am not attracted to the color orange in anthing but fruit! That said, the combination looks stunning on you.

    What first grabbed my attention was the highlight and the eye duo in Cinnamon. But now that I have read through (and will follow up on Sabrina's blog), I am happy that a lemming was almost instantly squashed! These really are fall-like colors, though, especially that eye quad.

    Thanks for the great review.

  11. I've looked at this post twice now and both times I have had to go eat some chocolate, you and your enticing food pics! ;)
    I am really looking forward to this collection, I did wonder if the quad would be too warm so am really glad you have confirmed this, I'll likely go for the duo, highlighter powder and one of the eye liners I think. Thanks as always for a really helpful post, even if I did probably gain some weight ;) x

  12. What a complete assault on the senses! The interplay between gorgeous and delicious certainly sent my brain into a state of happy, jaw dropping confusion. I think this is my favorite post of yours yet (my previous favorite was the graphite hand post).

    I think I'm most intrigued by the cinnamon duo. Do you have any thoughts on it? Do you know if it is comparable in color / pigmentation to NARS Alhambra? I've been debating between the two for a while now.

  13. i just want to eat that entire post! fabulous, love it and i blog rolled you. never had D&G, but dang they make great sunglasses. now i've got to get that delicious chocolate polish. wow!!!

  14. Hi ZP, thanks :) Glad to have helped squash a lemming! :) Orange isn't one of my favorite colors either. Peach I love, but orange isn't so easy to pull off!

    Hi Replica, I heard the dark green liner is very pretty, if you don't already have something similar it would probably be nice to have! :)

    Hi Dovey, Thank you! :) I just updated this post with a couple of photos comparing Cinnamon to Alhambra. Cinnamon is more subtle/less shimmery and is pink/beige, as opposed to Alhambra's pale peach/gold. Cinnamon is also a tad chalkier, especially the pink shade--not too bad, but something to consider...

    Hi JoAnne, Thank you!! :) I really love the D&G makeup line overall but wish I had a counter nearby so I could try before buying!

  15. I love this post! You take the most beautiful and creative photos. I have the shimmer powder and agree with you- I see no shimmer whatsoever! However, I've been enjoying it as a neutral, subtle blush. Keep up the great work :)

  16. Hi Julia, Thank you for the kind compliment! I also like to use the shimmer powder as a neutral blush :)

  17. Your blog is always so tastefully and beautifully done. Kudos!

    I love the D&G Cocoa palette! It's very complementary for my (darker) skin tones.

  18. Thank you Torika!! Cocoa would look fabulous on you! :)

  19. I think that quad is the one item I would purchase, aside from the glosses. That orange shadow looks great on you!

  20. Hi Lexi, the colors in the quad would look lovely on you! :) I wore it again today. Just wish the plum brown was smoother - it is kind of powdery!


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