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NARS Night Series Palette & Polishes - Fall 2011

For Fall 2011 NARS has introduced a limited edition Night Series eye shadow palette and four new nail polishes based on classic Night Series eye shadows. 

The palette contains six of the existing Night Series shades: 

Night Star: very pale peach/buff with gold sparkles 
Night Clubbing: warm matte black with gold shimmer
Night Porter: blackened forest green with subtle shimmer
Night Rider: light smoky plum with chunky flakes of silver glitter 
Night Flight: matte black with sapphire blue sparkles 
Night Breed: matte black with silver sparkles

NARS released a similar limited edition Night Series palette for Holiday 2007 for $55, and the price remains the same for the 2011 palette (thank you NARS!).

Over the years I've browsed at the NARS counter and have contemplated buying one of the Night shadows, but never took the plunge. I guess I always figured they would be messy and difficult to apply, and I have to admit Night Rider's gargantuan glitter flakes always scared me off a bit (although it is such a pretty color).  But when I read about this new palette I figured this is finally the right time for me to try out some of the Night Series shades. I've done a little playing around with this palette and I think it will definitely come in handy for smoky eyes, considering it is overwhelmingly made up of matte blacks. 

My favorite shade is the pale peach Night Star--it's a flattering, brightening shade (I'd love this one even better without the sparkles). All of the dark shades impart a smoky matte black look with a veil of fine sparkles. To achieve a shade like the color you see in the pan you must apply these wet, over a primer, or over a dark colored jumbo pencil or cream shadow. The silver plum Night Rider in particular must be applied over a sticky base if you are to have any chance of those giant flakes remaining on your lids instead of scattered over the rest of your face. I used NARS Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base in the swatches below. (Visit Karlasugar's recent post which has a very helpful comparison of the shades in this palette swatched wet and then dry. The difference is amazing!)

In sunlight

A little blurred so you can see the sparkles

In flash lighting

I was excited to hear about the rendition of selected NARS Night Series shadows into nail polishes. These are also limited edition, $17 each, and are currently available at Nordstrom and Narscosmetics.com. The four shades offered are:

Night Porter: dark forest green with gold shimmer
Night Flight: navy blue with cobalt blue and violet-indigo shimmer
Night Breed: black with chunky silver glitter
Night Rider: soft plum with fine sparkles and shimmer flakes

I really like the sparkly plum, Night Rider. It's such a delicate and romantic shade and is the most conservative of all the shades, but is still unique and eye catching.

Night Porter and Night Flight are pretty, but I think I'm burned out on greens and blues (possibly a sign I don't need to purchase any more nail polish?). Sadly, the gorgeous shimmer in these shows up a lot more in the bottle than it does on the nails. These also dried to a dull finish, but with the help of a shiny topcoat they are nice.

Night Breed is pretty amazing looking in close-up photos, with its densely packed silver glitter. For some reason it reminds me of a freshly paved asphalt road. I'll probably save this one for nights out or wear it when the weather gets cooler.

I'm sorry there are no photos of these actually applied on my nails, but I hope these swatches will give you an idea of how these might look in person. I used two coats for all of these. (Keep in mind, flash lighting amplifies shimmer and tends to make polishes appear more beautiful and stunning than they really are. The photos in low sunlight are most accurate.)

Night Porter

Night Flight

Night Breed

Night Rider

In low sunlight

In flash lighting

Another view in flash lighting

In low sunlight above and below 

Have you tried any of the Night Series eye shadows? If so, do you like them? I can see how they may be a love/hate sort of product. I hope to see more Night Series polishes in the future. I'd love to see a Night Star and Night Fever (black with garnet shimmer) polish next!  

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  1. Night Clubbing and Night Breed look too similar when swatched wet or dry. Night Flight also looks similar to the other 2 shades when swatched dry, but the blue comes out when swatched wet.

    Still, I don't think this palette is worth getting since alot of the shades are similar to one another. =(

    However, they do look gorgeous in the pan. I guess it would be nice as a collector's item. =)

  2. Thank you for the gorgeous photos. I haven't tried Night Series eyeshadows but based on your swatch, the darker shades look mostly the same. I have yet to find a NARS eyeshadow/duo/palette that blows me away. The nail polishes look pretty though.

  3. Hi Joyce, I agree, these are very similar shades. Definitely not a must have except for someone who really loves the Night Series shadows or a serious NARS fanatic :)

    Hi Kristie, thanks! :) Yes, three of the four darker shades are almost identical when swatched dry. I'll probably be using them mostly wet as top liners or for smokey eyes :) Now I have a whole lot of black shadow lol

  4. I'm surprised by Night Rider from your swatch. It's such a beatiful dusty rose color. I wouldn't have thought it would look like that from the pan. I've been hemming and hawing over the palette. Sometimes I feel like it's all just a bunch of black, and sometimes I fall in love with the different variations like the blue sparkles. To be fair, the Night series shadows are quite different. I've noticed night clubbing looks quite different blended out in a smoky eye than does night breed. It'll be a game-time decision when I see this in-store =).

    Oh, and the "Night Series" logo is convenient too--- I bet it makes figuring out which palette is which a lot easier!

  5. Hi Dovey, I love the color of Night Rider. The flaky glitter is troublesome, but you can dust it off and still have the pretty color. I don't understand why NARS uses so much of that chunky glitter, but I guess it must be popular. Yes, this is definitely something that is best to try before you buy :) I like the logo on the palette a lot! :)

  6. Love that the shadows have corresponding polishes. I think this could be a great palette, though I do wish the chunky glitter would be gone. Night Porter looks so beautiful..

  7. Beautiful items there, shame my wallet can't stretch to it :(

  8. I'll pass on the palette, I don't and wouldn't know how to wear dark shades. I feel I have small eyes and darks colors just make them that much smaller :) On the other hand I can't wait to get my hands the polishes, love the names, love the colors :)

  9. Hi emmabovary, Night Porter is definitely one that stands out because it shows up as being green rather than just black :)

    Hi Make-up Fairy, Yes, NARS is pricey - I should definitely go on an immediate no-buy after all of these fall collections!

    Hi Lucy, Yes, black shadow isn't the easiest to wear (aside from using it as a liner). The names are great aren't they :)

  10. Aren't two of the "Night" shades in the Bright Lights, Big City palette? I can pass on this. I do want that Night Porter polish on the other hand!

  11. Oh, I love the Night series! I have Night Rider, which I don't wear much but take out once in a while just to look at, lol. I'm not buying eye shadows anymore but the nail polish look very tempting. Gorgeous pics and swatches as usual!

  12. Hi lexi :) - wow, yes - I hadn't noticed but Night Clubbing and Night Breed are indeed in the Bright Lights, Big City palette - OK NARS, it would have been nice to include two shades that weren't in another palette that came out at roughly the same time!

    Hi Liz, Thanks :) Night Rider is pretty to look at lol. I should probably follow your example and not buy any more new eyeshadow for a while - after I pick up one more Guerlain Fall quad that is! :P

  13. The Night Breed and Night Rider polishes are very gorgeous! Like Liz, I'm off eye shadows for a while, but the polishes are definitely tempting!

  14. Hi Larie, Those two shades are the best of the four in my opinion :)

  15. the polishes are sooo beautiful! i think i will pass on the shadows though...they all seem too black.

  16. Hi kellyyes, Yes, this palette may not be the most practical, except for a true smoky-eye fan :)

  17. I bought the Night Porter and Night Flight polishes, too. Sadly I can't have enough blues or greens. (Love that green YSL, by the way!) Thanks for the swatches!

  18. Hi Dia, Hope you are enjoying your new polishes! Thanks for commenting :)

  19. Your review, photos and swatches are gorgeous, as usual, but I won't be getting this. Too many dark colors in the palette, which I so rarely wear anymore. And I can't deal with chunky glitter, even if I brush if off. The polishes, though ... the darker and more jewel toned the better!

  20. i've worn both night flight polish and have applied night porter this evening. night flight polish is stunning, i really love it. night porter hasn't been the easiest application for me, but it is...late at night, ha! tomorrow i will see the color better, but i'm a big fan of the polishes and plan to pick up night rider tomorrow. wasn't a fan of the chunky look in night breed...but might change my mind.

    topcoat really makes it, night flight is the winner so far for me, it's fabulous. if you click on my name, might be able to see my manicure with it...

  21. Hi JoAnne, they are pretty colors but, like you mentioned, topcoat really makes it! I like the photos of your Night Flight & Night Porter manicures - they both look great! :)


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