Sunday, September 4, 2011

My First Rescue Beauty Lounge Polishes

Hello everyone! I hope you are all having a great weekend and in the case of our U.S. friends, a relaxing Labor Day holiday. I just wanted to quickly share some long anticipated Rescue Beauty Lounge polishes which arrived last week. I had been coveting the shade Bruised for quite some time and am happy to finally be able to call it mine! It's an especially appropriate shade at this time of year as we're transitioning from summer to fall. I also picked up the gorgeous smoky eggplant, Recherche; the vibrant and fun violet creme, Purple Haze; the sparkling midnight blue, Under the Stars; and the perfect bold red, Chinoise

And, naturally, I couldn't pass up a few of the beautiful new shades from the pre-Fall 2011 collection, L'Oiseau de Feu (The Firebird)I purchased three out of the four (for photos of the shade not shown here, Fortissimo, visit Scrangie): 

Piú Mosso: an inky indigo blue with subtle smoldering orange shimmer
Pizzicato: an ethereal, pale grey tinged-lavender, infused with icy micro-sparkles
Poco a Poco: a romantic, modern mauve with radiant pink shimmer 


Piú Mosso

Poco a Poco

in sunlight

in flash lighting

in low indoor lighting

I didn't include Under the Stars and Chinoise in the lineup above, and I'm sorry I have no swatches of these two yet, but thought I would include this photo of the bottles in case it would be helpful to anyone. 

Left to right: Under the Stars, Chinoise 

Below are some links to just a few of the many blog posts available that feature photos of these two shades applied on the nails: 

Under the Stars


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  1. I love Poco a Poco and Purple Haze, I wish these were available in Australia *sigh*.

  2. love the shades you picked up. especially piu mosso!

  3. Hi pinkribbons, sorry to hear they aren't available in your area :( I'm not sure if you have Zoya, but the shade "Malia" looks like it may be very similar to Purple Haze

    Hi kellyyes, Piu Mosso is definitely one of my favorites too! The orange shimmer is very subtle but makes it different than anything else I have :)

  4. Great picks! I love Poco a Poco. Such a soft sweet pink shade. I was hoping Piu Mosso's shimmer to be more noticeable but it's also a lovely shade. Thanks for the beautiful swatches.

  5. My heart lurched when I saw Bruised, Recherche, and Poco a Poco together, which I found the most beautiful and wearable for me, and then I realized I already had them, lol. As always, your pictures are outstanding, and if this post doesn't cause people to run out and buy RBL, I don't know what will! In fact, I find myself wanting Chinoise and Piu Mosso now ...

  6. Hi Kristie, Thanks for stopping by. Poco a Poco's a great shade because it is conservative but not boring! Yes, I agree--it's too bad the shimmer in Piu Mosso is not more apparent. It really only stands out in the right lighting.

    Hi ZP, Thank you for the kind comment! LOL I can relate -- I do that sometimes because I'm so drawn to the same types of shades and then I think, do I already have this one? I started keeping an inventory list I can check on my iPhone when I'm out shopping -- perhaps a sign I am quickly becoming a nail polish hoarder!? :P

  7. B E A U T I F U L !! I don't own any RBL polishes yet. EEK!! I NEED to!

  8. I want piu mosso! That is an amazing shade! I still haven't bit the bullet with rbl. I really want to haul some now though lol. Thanks for the gorgeous photos and lemmings! Xx Jeanie

  9. Hi PerilouslyPale, I am happy with these so far & I like that they have no strong polish smell. The creme shades apply very smoothly! :)

    Hi Makeup Merriment, Thank you! :) Piu Mosso seems to be the standout shade of the L'Oiseau de Feu collection.

    Hi Sonidlo, Thanks very much! :)

  10. I swear, you take the most amazing pics. They all look equally fantastic. Have fun with your amazing new stash!

  11. I love Bruised but my favorite is still Grunge. I knew I should have picked up Piu Mosso, it looks awesome. I still hope the 50% off sale will take place this year!

  12. gorgeous! i love RBL and could stare at your pics all day! ;)

  13. Hi Liz, Thanks for the kind compliment! Now, to decide which to wear first! :-)

    Hi Lexi, I'll have try Grunge next time. Thanks for mentioning the 50% off sale - hopefully they will do that again this year!

    Hi Kaydi, Thanks so much! :) RBL has some gorgeous shades!

  14. Oh wow, Piu Mosso is so beautiful! I've never heard of this brand, might have to check it out some time :)

  15. Hi Llama, It's definitely a unique shade. Thanks for commenting. :)

  16. Recherche is so beautiful..and to me, relatively unique. Chinoise is right up my alley, as well. I think I might need to try this brand out now, too. Thanks for another fabulous post! :) xxx

  17. Hi Rachel, thank you! :) Those two colors would be great for you! I love that Chinoise is such a vibrant red xx

  18. aghh these are such great photos! I got Piu Mosso when it came out and decided against Poco a Poco, but your pics have me seriously reconsidering it - and now I'm eyeballing Bruise as well, eek


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