Monday, September 12, 2011

A visit to the Le Metier de Beaute counter

Over the weekend I had the good fortune to meet and have makeup applied by the lovely Kayla, national makeup artist from Le Metier de Beaute. She is every bit as sweet and down to earth as she is gorgeous and talented. As you may know, she has her own YouTube channel as well. For those of you who own the Penelope Kaleidoscope, her tutorial using this palette may provide you with some new inspiration, and she has also uploaded a very helpful video in which she displays some of the lipstick shades in the LMdB line. If Kayla is ever in your neighborhood I highly recommend making an appointment with her! 

Yeah, that's my arm there to the right of fair beauty, Kayla. Unfortunately, just as the camera snapped I blinked and, geez, just my luck--my eyes are closed in the picture, so I deemed it unworthy for public viewing! But look how pretty Kayla looks! :)

Of course, I knew I could not go home empty-handed, even if it means ramen noodles and rice & beans are on the menu for the next few months. I purchased the Silk Road Kaleidoscope and polishes from the fall collection that I've been eyeing for the past month. By now you've probably seen many gorgeous photos and swatches of these quintessentially fall shades...and here are yet more...along with some photos and swatches of a few of the other items Kayla used. 

Thailand lipstick, Nudite liner & Peche Lip Creme

Kayla used Thailand lipstick with Nudite liner, topped with Peche Lip Creme. I don't have Peche Lip Creme, so instead I swatched below Papaya Creme (note: the current name for this shade is Papaye), which I already own. It is more orange-toned and has the effect of a golden sheen. Peche is now at the top of my wishlist! It's the sort of beautiful and universally flattering shade that would coordinate well with just about any blush or shadow color. 

(Note: Photos taken in sunlight, which made these shades look a bit warmer than in real life)

Silk Road Kaleidoscope

If you haven't seen or tried Silk Road in person yet, you may be wondering whether there is one plum too many in this palette, but rest assured these two colors appear very differently once applied and are both beautiful in their own special ways. As you can see Tapestry is more purple-toned, lighter, slightly more sheer and has golden shimmers, whereas Ikat is more of a red-toned plum and has a satin finish. These shades look lovely with an overlay of the golden brass shade, Damask. The dark chocolate, Brocade can serve as a liner or as a shadow for creating more dark and dramatic looks. It does have sparkles but they are very subtle and I did not experience any fall out. 

This is my second Kaleidoscope purchase (the first being Splendid Frost) and I love the concept. All of the shadows in this palette applied smoothly and had great pigmentation. The colors are vibrant, long-lasting and true, with or without a primer--a quality that is not easy to come by and something I definitely appreciate as I don't always use a base. For me, perhaps the only thing missing from this palette is a pale highlighting shade, but otherwise it is absolute perfection! I find Damask to be a tad too dark for highlighting, although it is useful to add a lovely warm golden shimmer that contrasts with and enhances the deeper chocolate and plum tones. For the look below Kayla used the LMdB's Revive eye brightening and setting powder to diffuse and highlight.





Below are all of the shades layered together on the lid in the LMdB's signature "Couches de Couleur" manner. You can also see another view of this palette applied in a soft and pretty look on the lovely Perilously Pale.

(I've been asked in the past to show closed-eye photos to better demonstrate colors but such a photo of my lids of, let's just say, "a certain age" would not be a pretty sight, and I don't want to frighten anyone ;) Nevertheless, I hope these help a bit to give you a better idea of how these colors look once applied.)

I also purchased the four new fall collection nail lacquers: 

Silk Road: shimmery copper-bronze
Dynasty: shimmery vibrant cool red
Anatolia: sheer raspberry-plum with golden sparkles
Urban Dweller: dark plum-brown with golden sparkles

Left to right: Silk Road, Urban Dweller, Dynasty, and Anatolia

I haven't swatched these (yet), but for beautiful photos of these on the nails visit: 

I asked Kayla to teach me how to do winged liner, something I always admire on others, but have difficulty perfecting on myself. She used a wedge shape, starting out very narrow along the inside of the upper lid and getting thicker towards the outer edge, but because of the way my eyes are shaped we didn't end up doing a pronounced flick/wing at the outer edge. Love the way dark liquid liner adds instant drama and really dresses up a look!  

Try to ignore the rogue strand of hair in the photos above :) 

Products used: 

Face: Peau Vierge #2, Peau Vierge Cool concealer, Sun Drenched bronzer, Echo blush

Eyes: Tamarack eye pencil as a base, Silk Road Kaleidoscope (all shades layered together), Revive eye brightening/setting powder, Noir liquid liner, Midnight Blue mascara

Lips: Nudite lip pencil, Thailand lipstick, Peche Lip Creme

Thanks so much Kayla! I learned a lot and am loving my new products! :) 

There was a nice gift with purchase at Neiman Marcus and I received Artemis liquid liner & Peau Vierge Lash Growth serum. (As of this writing there is a similar promotion at Neiman Marcus online but with slightly different items offered, as well as second promotion: a complimentary Lip Paradis Lip Creme palette with a $125 purchase).

Artemis liquid eyeliner, a gorgeous midnight navy blue

~Thank you for visiting~

I don't care about your makeup, lady...but this bag is my kind of fun!


  1. I like the look. Soft and delicate but stunning.
    I think I'm in love with Papaya Creme!
    The eyeshadows look so creamy and soft!

  2. All of the products seem so very perfect for fall! The papaya lip crème is especially gorgeous :)

  3. You look beautiful. The kaleidoscope doesn't really grab be this time round but those lip products do. I love them!

  4. You look incredible, so very beautiful! I have been eyeing off the lip cremes and the Peche shade is the prettiest I've seen so far, I do wish they were available here in Australia. Thanks for a great overview =)

  5. i love this look... i can't wait to get my silk road palette and thailand lipstick. xx

  6. Kitty!

    What a gorgeous collection of photos. Seriously, MM, the product could suck, and I'd still want to buy it thanks to your eye and clicking ability. :)

    But that's not the case. You selections are beautiful and so wearable, and I must say, the LMdB makeup counter is so clean looking! Love the fresh flowers, an elegant touch.

    What a treat you had. I will try not to be too jealous.

  7. You look amazing! I love this set so much! I wore it today and the shades are just gorgeous and blend so easily. Now that you posted photos of Thailand- I MUST have it! That is stunning and such a me shade! I got three of the nail colors (the red, pink and brown)- I have so many bronzey/golds. I love the Urban Dweller the most. The shimmer is so rich!

    Have a question for you: I just received LMdB regular concealer (#6) and wondered how do you compare this to the PV cool version? I'm debating getting it too but don't know if it's worth the extra price.

    Once again- love the photos and you are so beautiful! x jeanie

  8. The colors are gorgeous on you! I have never tried LMdB but I like the concept of layering. Lovely makeover :)

  9. GORGEOUS! I need Thailand lipstick for sure now.

  10. You look stunning and the cat in the Neiman bag is just too cute for words! xo

  11. Hi Mercedes, Thank you! Their lip cremes are all gorgeous! I have to go back and get the Peche one :) xx

    Hi Larie, Aren't these shades just perfect for fall? xx

    Hi Charlie, LMdB's lip glosses and lip cremes are awesome! :) xx

    Hi emmabovary, Thanks so much for the kind comment! Hopefully they will expand their distribution to your area in the future xx

    Hi productdoctor, thank you!! They have some gorgeous lip products xx

    Hi mlle.epatant, thank you, Kayla does such an excellent job! xx

    Hi ZP, Thank you! Miss Kitty is still in love with that NM bag :) lol I know, I try to wait & test products before I post because I'm always worried about influencing someone to waste their money on a sucky product! But then sometimes I can't wait and just go ahead and post (I'm a bad blogger, I know) :) I was surprised the store was not super-crowded at the time I was there, fortunately! xx

    Hi Makeup Merriment, Thanks so much for the sweet compliment! I am always drawn towards purples, burgundies, plums, and gold so this palette was right up my alley! I haven't seen or tested the regular concealer, so I'm sorry to not be of more help! I did like the texture and color of the PV cool version, but did not purchase it. The polishes are pretty - can't wait to wear them! xx

    Hi Martha, Thanks so much! LMdB is quickly becoming a favorite brand. Definitely a pricey indulgence but they have a great, well-edited selection of shadows and lip products! xx

    Hi Sabrina, Thank you!! :) Kayla was so much fun and is so good at what she does. Thailand would look fabulous on you! xx

    Hi Joey, Aw, thanks so much for the kind words! My cat likes to get inside of any bag I bring home and this one was the perfect size for her - she didn't waste any time jumping in! Now I can't throw it out until she gets bored of it! xx

  12. Gah, you look gorgeous. And, your photos are always spectacular. You truly have one of the best beauty blogs runnin'. True story. xxx

  13. Aw, thanks Rachel! You always say the nicest things :) Love your YT videos! Keep up the great work! xx

  14. That's it. I'm officially declaring your blog DANGEROUS. LMDB never appeals to me but you're making me want to also pay a "visit" to the nearest counter. Everything looks gorgeous, mostly the blogger! :)

  15. Thailand is super pretty. I also love all of their nail polishes. I picked up Urban Dweller as it is the most unique.

  16. You look gorgeous, these warm plums and burgundies look beautiful on you! And that blue eyeliner looks wonderful, great GWP. x

  17. You look so beautiful! Thank you for sharing and thank you for the swatches of the eye shadows, I need them now :)

  18. Hi Liz, lol :) thank you!! Whenever I visit a LMdB counter I am so tempted to buy everything! Soooo bad for my budget! xx

    Hi Kristie, Thailand is a nice neutral and I like the glow it gives. Great polish pick - Urban Dweller is perfect for fall! xx

    Hi Klara, thank you!! I was really happy to get the blue eyeliner - it's waterproof & really stays put! xx

  19. I love the look and think you describe Silk Road perfectly. I can't use Damask as a highlighter either but I love the dimension it adds when layered over the other shades. Thailand looks beautiful and really complements the rest of the look. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful pictures as always x

  20. Your photos are absolutely amazing! I am a huge fan of Kayla's videos and am so sad that I don't live in US as her makeover looked fab (as did you both). All the products look spectacular, Le Metier has to be my favourite brand in the world. Looks like you had a great day x

  21. Absolutely gorgeous!!! I just bought the Silk Road Kaleidoscope and can't wait to try it-- have been waking up too late to do my makeup in detail these past couple of weeks :( I think you will like the Le Cirque and Penelope kaleidoscopes too, have you tried them out? LMdB is a really addicting brand isn't it, I can't seem to walk away without getting something everytime! Lol! My justification is that the shadows layer so well with each other unlike any other brand so even the typical colors give you lots of variations. My latest LMdB single shadow is Kunzite-- really unique.

  22. So beautiful! The pics, the products, your lovely face, the look! Gorgeous post!

    I never realized the GWP Artemis liquid liner was a brush...hmm

  23. Hi Jane, Thank you for the kind comment! I really like the palette :) I hope you are enjoying yours, as well! I wore it today to work & plan to get a lot of use out of it this season xx

    Thank you Lipstick Luvvie! :) Kayla's videos are so helpful & she really knows her stuff! LMdB is definitely at the top of my list of favorite brands xx

    Hi Lakshmi, Thank you so much! These types of shades must look lovely on you! I am dying to try Penelope - I haven't seen Le Cirque, must look that one up :) You are so right, it really is an addicting brand & the quality of their shadows is outstanding xx

    Hi Perilously Pale, Aw, thanks very much for the sweet comment :) This is the first liquid liner I've ever tried from LMdB. It's such a pretty color! xx

  24. Beautiful! Your post is going to send me broke :O I love the eye shadows in particular~

  25. Hi Fables in Fashion, Thanks for stopping by! The eyeshadows are great :) xx

  26. Marina (Makeup4All) Thanks for stopping by & thank you for the kind comment! If you like plums & warm tones you will love this palette :)

  27. OMG! You look GORGEOUS. I love this post! Thank you for sharing your makeover :) your pics are amazing per usual.

    ps thanks for the link love :D

  28. Hi, The Ultimate Makeup, Thanks so much! :) Your post on the fall polishes is great - awesome photos!

  29. I am soooo afraid to make that first LMdB purchase because I know it'll be the END of me!!

    You look fabulous - great buys!

  30. Hi Lexi, Thank you! :) I know what you mean! I'd love to try some more shadows, and Lip Cremes, & love all of the Kaleidoscopes but until I win the lottery, I'll have to save up and buy a few things here and there... xx

  31. You look so pretty, the lipstick looks like a must have as well. I think the popularity of Le Metier has had an explosion on the blogger scene, they seem to do no wrong :)

  32. Thanks very much, Replica :) Yes, it seems they are definitely becoming more popular! I really like their shadows and they have such pretty shades of lip glosses & lip cremes. xx

  33. Yes, Kayla is very pretty! So are you, the lip colour is beautiful and I like Tapestry. I've never tried any of their products. Interesting read, thanks.

  34. Hi Cafe Bellini, thanks for stopping by! Kayla is gorgeous & talented as well! I am a big fan of Le Metier - they do have some excellent products and great customer relations! :)


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