Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Makeup

I knew that NARS green glitter pencil might come in handy one day! Halloween may very well be the only day of the year when I can wear glitter on my eyes and feel perfectly appropriate.

NARS Queen

On eyes: Shiseido Hydro Powder cream shadows in H7 Green Exotique and H6 Violet Visions, NARS Soft Touch Shadow Pencil in Queen (chartreuse green glitter in a clear base), and silver glitter lashes from Target. 

On nails I went with Butter London's Dosh. I thought it was a suitably wicked shade for a witch! (Featured previously on my Halloween nail shades post.)

I was honored that my cat Miss Kitty was featured on a Halloween post by the lovely Dovey at Cute and Mundane. I always enjoy reading her creative, well written and illustrated posts! 

 Happy Halloween everyone! 

Sunday, October 30, 2011

NARS Holiday 2011: Endless Night Nail Polish

Endless Night is one of two polishes offered in the NARS Holiday 2011 Collection. The other is Space Odyssey, a silver foil, previously available as part of a two-piece collection created for Fashion's Night Out. (I didn't pick up Space Odyssey because I already have a couple of very similar polishes.) 

Endless Night is currently available for $17.00 on and is described as a "black grape." I didn't have any issues with the formula. It applied smoothly and dried glossy. I would consider it a jelly as it is somewhat sheer, however, it only takes a couple of coats to become opaque. 

In the photo above you can see the sheerness and purple tone near the rim of the bottle. 


Old perfume bottle: Guerlain's Purple Passion --
not wild about the scent, but the bottle is cute!

Below are a few comparisons. Of all of these, Endless Night is most similar in tone to Zoya's Casey, but Casey has a thinner formula and requires more coats to reach opacity. Essie's Luxedo is the darkest and OPI's Lincoln Park After Dark is the most opaque. Essie's Carry On is the lightest and has a bit of a smokiness to it. 

in sunlight

Low light (L-R): Endless Night, Casey, Dark Side of the Moon,
Lincoln Park After Dark, Luxedo, Velvet Voyeur, Carry On

In the photo below it's interesting to note how flash lighting changes the way the colors appear. I think the most true-to-life photo is the first one above, taken in sunlight. 

Flash lighting (L-R): Endless NightCasey, Dark Side of the Moon
Lincoln Park After DarkLuxedoVelvet VoyeurCarry On

Shown below with only one coat so you can see the undertones. 

Indoor low light (L-R): Endless NightCasey, Dark Side of the Moon
Lincoln Park After DarkLuxedoVelvet VoyeurCarry On

Flowers in my backyard: Shrubby Senna (Senna wislizeni) - a shrub native to Mexico, Texas and Arizona

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Happy Halloween weekend

Before Halloween has come and gone, I wanted to share some photos I took at a small local market a couple of weeks ago. These were taken at Norman Brothers, a family-owned and operated grocery store that's been in the same location in Miami for over 40 years. They have great home made pumpkin bread, key lime pie, and all sorts of baked goods, milk shakes, locally grown organic produce, fresh seafood from the Florida Keys, gourmet cheeses and deli sandwiches made to order--you name it! If you're ever near the Kendall area in Miami I recommend visiting if you have the time, as you'll be sure to find something tasty! I like to stop by at this time of year to pick up a pumpkin or two.

(It was rainy with bad lighting the morning I went, hence some not-so-great photos!)

These two went home with me!

~ Have a great weekend ~

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

NARS Holiday 2011: G-Spot Multiple

As I type in the word G-Spot in the title of this post, it strikes me that it may be at the peril of receiving Google search visitors gone astray who might be interested in an altogether different subject than cosmetics. I feel like I should offer some sort of disclaimer:  "I'm sorry guys, but you've arrived at the wrong place. There will be no advice offered here on how to enhance your love technique with your lady friends. Only makeup is discussed on this site..." 

Moving along... ;) 

Described by the NARS website as a "rich, gold-infused rose hue" this is a flattering shade that imparts a natural-looking flush, as if you've just gone for a run in the park (although in my case I would be pale from exhaustion as my exercise habits lately can be likened to those of that slow-moving forest dweller, the sloth). 

Multiples currently retail for $39, can be used on eyes, cheeks and lips, and are enriched with Vitamin E and acai oil. I've only used my Multiples as blush or highlighter, but I think I'll give this a try as a lip color next! 

Photo taken in artificial light

Photo taken in sunlight

Photo taken in sunlight

One swipe of G-Spot applied directly from the tube

G-Spot appears to be somewhat dark in the tube, but becomes more sheer as it is blended out, making it easily wearable even by those with fair skin.

On the left, G-Spot blended out and on the right, applied heavily, directly from the tube

Closer view

Both swatches blended together

When I first saw G-Spot it reminded me of a cream version of my long-time favorite Oasis blush. Below are a few comparisons to give you a better idea of the actual color. I wish I had Malibu for comparison as well, but no longer have it in my collection.  

Oasis powder blush & G-Spot Multiple

Photo taken in sunlight

Photo taken in sunlight

I went a little heavier on the application in the photos below than I normally would so you could see the color well. 

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