Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Makeup

I knew that NARS green glitter pencil might come in handy one day! Halloween may very well be the only day of the year when I can wear glitter on my eyes and feel perfectly appropriate.

NARS Queen

On eyes: Shiseido Hydro Powder cream shadows in H7 Green Exotique and H6 Violet Visions, NARS Soft Touch Shadow Pencil in Queen (chartreuse green glitter in a clear base), and silver glitter lashes from Target. 

On nails I went with Butter London's Dosh. I thought it was a suitably wicked shade for a witch! (Featured previously on my Halloween nail shades post.)

I was honored that my cat Miss Kitty was featured on a Halloween post by the lovely Dovey at Cute and Mundane. I always enjoy reading her creative, well written and illustrated posts! 

 Happy Halloween everyone! 


  1. pretty! i love the green glitter against your eye color. very suiting. you make a wickedly pretty witch :)

  2. Wow! This is such a gorgeous spin on the witch costume. Love the sparkly and shimmery greens! :)

  3. Oooh very pretty! I think this is the real reason why I love Halloween - being able to wear crazy colors to work for a legit reason oh and eating my daughter's Halloween candy!

  4. Hi kellyyes, thanks for the sweet compliment! Hope you had a great Halloween :)

    Hi Liz, thanks so much! I had fun doing the eye makeup :) A witch is such a common costume, but I tried to add some accessories to make it more interesting :)

    Hi Lexi, Thanks! Yep, me too - my office is fairly conservative but we all have a little fun at this time of year! :-)

  5. You never disappoint! I love your photos so much. Every post has images that are so unique and artistic.

  6. Your'e so beautiful! Your eyes look magical in those shots, seriously. You made Halloween elegant! :) xxx

  7. Hi Kristie, Thanks so much for the kind words! I really enjoy taking photos & experimenting with color & light. One day I'd like a REALLY good camera. I should start saving up! :-) Yesterday I took my camera to work for our Halloween party but I forgot to change the lens & I had only my macro lens - all my shots had to be close-ups! :)

    Hi Rachel, Aw, thank you - you're sweet! I had fun going a little crazier with the eye makeup than usual! Hope you had a great night! xx

  8. You looked so elegant and classic, if you didn't mention it was for Halloween I would have thought you were attending a spring carnival! :-)

  9. The chartreuse of NARS queen and Butter London dosh are such perfect colors to complement your purple hat. I love the veil shots as well-- how bewitching (pun intended =P)! Thank you for the mention, I really appreciate it! <3 Dovey

  10. This is really pretty! I love all those glitters! <3

  11. I love this take on a witch costume :D Who knew that shade of green could be so elegant? ;)

  12. Thank you, Rei! I didn't want to get tooo scary for Halloween. The light green shades would be pretty for spring :)

    Hi Dovey, Thank you! At the last minute I decided to go with green instead of purple! I enjoyed wearing Dosh -- it's unlike any other green I have :) Loved your post - so creative!

    Hi katherine, Thanks so much! :)

    Thank you, Larie! I liked the green more than I thought I would :) It does seem very witch-like! :)


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