Sunday, October 30, 2011

NARS Holiday 2011: Endless Night Nail Polish

Endless Night is one of two polishes offered in the NARS Holiday 2011 Collection. The other is Space Odyssey, a silver foil, previously available as part of a two-piece collection created for Fashion's Night Out. (I didn't pick up Space Odyssey because I already have a couple of very similar polishes.) 

Endless Night is currently available for $17.00 on and is described as a "black grape." I didn't have any issues with the formula. It applied smoothly and dried glossy. I would consider it a jelly as it is somewhat sheer, however, it only takes a couple of coats to become opaque. 

In the photo above you can see the sheerness and purple tone near the rim of the bottle. 


Old perfume bottle: Guerlain's Purple Passion --
not wild about the scent, but the bottle is cute!

Below are a few comparisons. Of all of these, Endless Night is most similar in tone to Zoya's Casey, but Casey has a thinner formula and requires more coats to reach opacity. Essie's Luxedo is the darkest and OPI's Lincoln Park After Dark is the most opaque. Essie's Carry On is the lightest and has a bit of a smokiness to it. 

in sunlight

Low light (L-R): Endless Night, Casey, Dark Side of the Moon,
Lincoln Park After Dark, Luxedo, Velvet Voyeur, Carry On

In the photo below it's interesting to note how flash lighting changes the way the colors appear. I think the most true-to-life photo is the first one above, taken in sunlight. 

Flash lighting (L-R): Endless NightCasey, Dark Side of the Moon
Lincoln Park After DarkLuxedoVelvet VoyeurCarry On

Shown below with only one coat so you can see the undertones. 

Indoor low light (L-R): Endless NightCasey, Dark Side of the Moon
Lincoln Park After DarkLuxedoVelvet VoyeurCarry On

Flowers in my backyard: Shrubby Senna (Senna wislizeni) - a shrub native to Mexico, Texas and Arizona


  1. I love it! I think I need it. I don't get along with NARS well, but I really like their polishes. Adding this to the list. Thanks for the post! :D xxx

  2. The shrubby senna is such an intense yellow! I'm pretty sure most of the flowers where I live have passed at this point. It must be nice to have flowers this late into fall!

    I liked the single layer swatch, you can definitely see that NARS is right about the "grape"

  3. Hi Rachel, I think it's a really pretty shade! Hope you like it if you decide to get it :)

    Hi Dovey, We are lucky to have warm weather so late in the year. These just started blooming a few weeks ago. I just love the yellow color :)

  4. I do like a dark nail, thats really pretty :) I don't tend to think of NARS for nails but they are really bringing out some pretty shades of late.

  5. This color looks really nice! I love the finish :)
    Thanks for sharing :)

  6. Hi Replica, I really love dark nails at this time of year. NARS does have a few lovely colors but can be a bit hit or miss! :)

    Hi katherine, It does have a really glossy finish, which is definitely a plus! :)

  7. The color is really deep and nice! Thanks for the comparison swatches - it gives me a better idea of the color!!

  8. Hi Amy, I love this color! Glad the comparison are helpful :)

  9. I'm starting to think you live in some kind of tropical paradise - gorgeous flowers!

    I also love these vampy purples and thought Carry On would be what this NARS shade seems to be. I think they're close enough that I can pass on the NARS but we shall see. Thanks for the great swatches as always. :)

  10. This looks too much like something I already own.

    Ha, I just removed Essie's Carry On off my nails last night. I'm currently wearing RBL's Drifter.

  11. Hi Lexi, Endless Night is very nice but if you have something similar it's probably not worth picking up :) I don't have RBL Drifter but it looks pretty! Perfect for this time of year :)


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