Sunday, October 23, 2011

NARS Holiday 2011: Eyeliners

I tried the two 'Larger Than Life' Long Wear Eyeliners included in NARS Holiday 2011 collection today. Campo de' Fiori is a gorgeous shimmery antique brass, and St. Marks Place is a beautiful electric violet. I am in love with both of these colors, but I found St. Marks Place to be unusually difficult to blend. That being said, I do have extremely dry skin so hopefully others won't have this issue. Campo de' Fiori, on the other hand, went on smoothly and the texture is soft enough to blend out a bit before it sets. True to their name, both of these are long wearing and stay in place without any smudging.

in sunlight

indoor lighting

Below are comparisons with similar colors in my stash. I was surprised to find I own five violet eye liners! Actually, I shouldn't be too surprised since it is one of my favorite colors. I think the Chanel was a limited edition from long, long ago. Sonia Kashuk's Purple Passion is available at Target for just $5.99. It's not quite the same as St. Marks Place, but is similar enough to give the same general effect. I actually prefer it, as it is soft-textured and blendable. However, if you are looking for a liner that will stay put and not smudge, then I would go with the NARS. 

I have just a handful of gold liners. I acquired MAC's Powersurge a few months ago and it has become a staple for lower lash line lining. It is a tad darker and not quite as shimmery and eye-catching as Campo de' Fiori, but is along the same lines. Revlon's Luxurious Color Eyeliner in Antiqued Gold has a nice, blendable texture and a convenient smudger at the opposite end. It retails for around $6.00. I'm not sure if it's still widely available in stores, but it can still be found at Amazon and eBay. Estee Lauder's Bronze Goddess duo pencil in Gold Bronze was a limited edition from earlier this year. 

Oops! I mislabeled above, it should be St. Marks Place *not* St. James Place

I like the way tanzanite blue looks paired with violet (earrings from Swarovski)

Here you can see the sharpener that is stored in the base of the liner.  

St. Marks Place upper lash line, Campo de' Fiori lower lash line,
G-spot multiple & Pago Pago lipstick 

If you haven't already, visit Makeup and Beauty Blog to see more photos of both of these liners applied.

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  1. Ahhh purple! I think purple passion looks like the prettiest I think.
    but I love them all!!! X

  2. Love both of these. I have mac powersurge & also use it for my lower lash line. Your swatches & photos are amazing - the kind I aspire to but don't quite attain! Really admire your blog.
    Nic x

  3. Oh, I love all of these liners and the tanzanite earrings! Purple is my favorite color too, and have found it surprisingly hard to find the right shades in eyeliners and shadows. They frequently have too much red for my taste. These look perfect, I'm going to look for Purple Passion the next time I'm at Target. Thanks for the review.

  4. What I love about your posts is the way you manage to showcase the beauty of your products with complementary extras like flowers, background and accessories! Gorgeous pics and thanks for showing how you wear these colours. I rarely apply eyeliners at all but now I want to play with all the pretty colours! :)

  5. Hi Mercedes, I love Purple Passion and a plus is that it's very affordable :)

    Hi Strawberry Blonde, Thanks for the sweet compliment! All the credit goes to my macro lens & the bright South Florida sunlight, except for today -- it was cloudy all day! :)

    Hi Ava, Thank you - I love Tanzanite - such a pretty color! I also really like the Sonia Kashuk "Iced Coffee" liner - it's a pretty sparkly brown

    Hi Liz, Aww thank you! Color is fun once in a while. I have to wear eyeliner because if not my eyes just kinda disappear - I look all washed out :)

  6. Oooh gorgeous and I love a purple lash line set against a nude lid!

  7. Thanks very much Lexi! I just love purple :)

  8. Wow! The purple and bronze look is gorgeous on you!!! I'm yet to try any of the NARS eyeliner pencils, what other colors do you like, any recommendations? Thanks :)

  9. Hi Lakshmi, Thank so much for the kind comment. These are the first of the NARS eyeliners I've tried. There was a notable difference in texture between these two. I've seen swatches of Via Appia online and it looks like a lovely coppery brown! :)

  10. so pretty i looove purples ... you did called it james not mark in one of the photos lol

  11. Hi littlesquirrels, Oops! Thanks - I didn't catch that and I guess I had St. James Place on my mind! :) lol


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