Sunday, October 9, 2011

OPI Muppet Collection Holiday 2011 - Glitters

Hello everyone! I found the second half of OPI's Muppet collection yesterday and thought I would share some photos with you. Whether or not you are a fan of glitter there is no denying these sure are a treat to the eyes. I definitely plan to enjoy wearing these over the upcoming holiday season!

Stop by my earlier post to see the other half of this collection -- the shimmers, and for excellent photos of these applied on the nails, visit swatchandlearn and alizarine claws.

Excuse Moi!

Divine Swine

Gettin' Miss Piggy With It 

Rainbow Connection

Fresh Frog of Bel Air

Gone Gonzo!

Swatches below were done with three coats. 

Pictured above in flash lighting

in sunlight

in indoor low light


Swatches below were done with two coats to better display the different types of glitters. As you can see Sephora by OPI's Spark-tacular contains a high ratio of smaller-sized glitter. Lippmann's Happy Birthday has square-shaped in addition to hexagonal glitter. I don't see any square-shaped glitter in Rainbow Connection, but I could be wrong! Rainbow Connection also has a larger-sized hex glitter that is lacking in Happy Birthday. It also requires less coats of polish to obtain a solid glitter look. 

Revlon's recently released glitter polish, Blue Mosaic, is very similar to Gone Gonzo! but it is not identical. These both consist of a clear base with small aqua-blue glitter and large hexagonal glitter. The main difference between these two is that Blue Mosaic contains three different colors of hexagonal glitter: aqua-blue, green and silver. Gone Gonzo! contains only silver large hexagonal glitter.  

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  1. excellent photos! thank you so much for sharing this. these look so fabulous. so much sparkle! glad to see blue mosaic is similar to one of the shades since i have that already.

  2. Thanks Kellyyes, Glad it was helpful! These are fun to wear when you want that little extra sparkle! :)

  3. I'm not even a fan of glitter nail polishes, but you manage to make them look magical! :D xxx

  4. Hello! Lovely photos as usual! I love the glitters the most. I will have to get my hands on Rainbow Connection at the very least! Love me some glitter bombs xx jeanie

  5. A glitterfest! I doubt I could pull these off, but Rainbow connection would have to be my favorite here. I'm glad you included the comparisons to Happy Birthday and Spark-tacular. I was just wondering about that when I scrolled down and found the comparison. I like how it RC has larger chunks which would be more visible from afar.

  6. Hi, just subscribed :) I was looking for swatches of these when I stumbled upon your blog - LOVE how crisp and clear your pictures are! Great comparison with Lippmann and SOPI, I thought of those as soon as I saw Rainbow Connection. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Thanks for this post, it was really helpful! I love me a good glitter :)

  8. Hi Rachel, Thank you! I don't wear glitter often & there's no getting away from the fact that they are a pain to remove, but they can be fun for certain occasions. Anything as sparkly as these are is always interesting to photograph! xx

    Hi Makeup Merriment, :) Total glitter bombs here :) Rainbow Connection is a must! xx

    Hi Dovey, Yep, glitter over a certain age can be hard to pull off. And even though I am over 30 I will be sporting some of these just for fun, but maybe only as a pedicure! RC is definitely pretty to look at! xx

    Hi Ali, Thank you & welcome! Glad it was helpful! xx

    Hi Llama, Thank you! I'm loving this collection :)

  9. These glitters are so great! They seem like a lot of fun. Thanks for the comparisons, too - Rainbow Connection looks fabulous, and unique!

  10. Thanks Larie! I think Rainbow Connection is definitely the star of the collection, but Excuse Moi is also very nice :)

  11. If I wasn't so lazy, I'd try one of these out. I hate taking off glitter - I usually leave it to the professionals.

  12. Oh wow, I think I prefer Rainbow Connection over Happy Birthday!

  13. Hi Lexi, I agree, taking it off is no fun! I go thru a lot of nail polish remover...

    Hi Gaby, Rainbow Connection is a bit more impressive because it seems to have more glitter in it.

  14. These are really pretty. I feel like I need some glittery nail polish, too. I have my eye set on Revlon's Autumn nail polishes, especially the purple one!

  15. Hi Marina, Thanks for stopping by :) The Revlon purple one is lovely!

  16. First, nice new banner there, Miss Magpie! The magpie hoarding the makeup is hilariously appropriate. ;)

    Second, I'm not into the Muppets at all, but your beautiful pics kind of make me happy just seeing the close-ups of sparkles. :)

  17. Hi Liz,

    Thanks very much :) I was getting tired of my old beige layout and thought I would try something new for a change!

    I was surprised to hear that MAC is going to have a small Miss Piggy themed collection in November. Don't think I'll be partaking in any more Muppet-themed collections though, unless of course there is something unique & amazing! :)

  18. Beautifully laid out post as always. I don't know how long I'll be able to resist these polishes!

  19. Thank you Vita! :) They are fun colors - I am wearing Animalistic (one of the shimmers) as my pedicure today & love it :)

  20. Thank you so much for such a wonderful display of swatches!! I love the OPI Muppet collection of glitters and this was just a real good display of them. I also REALLY appreciate the comparisons. Thank you again, it was fantastic.

    1. Thank you for your comment! Glad it was helpful :)


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