Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Saturday shoe browsing at Nordies

I'm taking a quick break from NARS Holiday posting to download some iPhone photos of the interesting shoes I saw at Nordstrom over the weekend. Long before I became more enamored with makeup I was quite the shoe fanatic. It's been some time since I've kept up with the latest in shoe fashions, but judging by some of the styles this season it seems like the avant-garde has hit mainstream. Some of these are beautiful, but look like they may be potentially dangerous to walk in, if you're like me and the old knees aren't quite what they used to be! :)


Spikes & studs were also very popular in the early 80's, but the ones I recall weren't quite as upscale as these! 


I like this little sequin adorned clutch

There's something I like about these!

More platforms in vibrant suede. Hmmm...what could I wear with these? 

For the purple lovers...

And, of course, the cosmetics department is strategically located directly across from the shoe department, beckoning with its sparkly new offerings...

 I didn't catch the name of this Lippmann trio and I truly don't
need any more glitters, but that middle one is calling my name!

A plethora of Butter London polishes

Did any of those shoes strike your fancy? As always, thanks for reading and have a great day everyone! 


  1. I almost picked up that Deborah Lippmann set last night! The mini bottles are adorable. :)

  2. Hi Rachel, I'm thinking I might just go back for it this weekend! I wish the middle shade was sold on its own :)

  3. Hey, you're just like me! I was quite the shoe-addict before makeup took over. I like the Tory Burch boots (very rustic and comfy looking) and love the studded heels (good for kicking people away on crowded subway). The Lippmann set is a great deal if you don't own any of the shades. Looks to me like it's "Happy Birthday" in the middle but not sure at this range.

  4. The shoes look great but I would never wear such high heels....the polishes look tempting....I would love to shop for these 2 brands in a shop instead of the internet.

  5. Wow, those pumps with spikes and studs are glam! Sam Edelman really do make some very comfortable yet very fashionable shoes. Too bad the heels are too high for my liking however :( 2 1/2" is the most I would go for.

  6. Liz, I think a lot of beauty bloggers were into shoes at one time :) The Tory Burch boots do look so comfy! Haha, you're right, those studded heels could be considered lethal weapons! ;-)

    Hi Viki, I don't think I could wear such high heels either :) Fortunately, Nordstrom opened stores in our area about 6 years ago before that it was very difficult to find certain brands.

    Hi Paige, I thought they were pretty glam too! I have a few pairs of Sam Edelman flat sandals and they are super comfy! :)

  7. Who doesn't love the Nordstrom shoe section? =)

    I've always secretly loved those Sam Edelmans with the spikes. I haven't had the guts to try them on --- or rather I'm not sure I'm rockstar enough to wear them out =P

  8. Hi Dovey, Yep, Nordstrom's gotta be one of my favorite stores! I like the Sam Edelmans a lot, but I don't think I'm rockstar enough either :-)

  9. Ugh - I love those spike Sam Edelman shoes but I know I would hurt myself if crossed my legs!

    Who doesn't love shoe pics, right?

    I did some shoe (and purse) lusting at the Tory Burch boutique today! =(

  10. LOVE Butter London polishes! I'd like to know who actually buys those heels with spikes and studs...

  11. Hi Lexi, I know right, they look pretty but dangerous! :) I didn't purchase anything that day but it was fun looking...

    Hi Cafe Bellini, I love Butter London as well - They have so many beautiful shades. I'd like to see those shoes on - they definitely attract attention :)

  12. I love the Sam Edelman spikes and studs - they look dangerous in every sense of the word! My feet aren't what they used to be, but I can't part with the shoes - do you still have your shoe collection?

  13. Hi Ava, they are so pretty aren't they? I do still have a pretty large collection, but plan to go through them all soon and maybe sell or donate some of those I never wear :) The tough part is deciding which to part with!


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