Monday, November 28, 2011

Laura Mercier Canyon Collection Picks & Fall Eye Look

Just call me "that slow blogger"... I purchased these items in the summer and am just now getting around to using them. I'm kind of glad I waited as I think these are more appropriate now in the fall season than they were back in sweltering July when this collection launched. 

Only three of the shadows above are from the Canyon collection: the army fatigue green Pine Bronze, the deep shimmery brown Chocolate, and the terra cotta satin Canyon Clay. (There is a fourth shadow in this collection which I did not purchase, a warm medium-dark brown sateen called Cedar.) 

*Note* The ivory shade above, Stellar, and the golden olive Sherazade, shown below, are not from this collection but were purchased at the same time.

Chocolate (Limited Edition) 

Canyon Clay (Limited Edition) 

Pine Bronze (Limited Edition) 



The two eyeliners shown below are not part of the Canyon Collection and are permanent colors in the Laura Mercier range. 

Brown Copper Kohl Eye Pencil

Antique Jade

Brown Copper
One more view, left to right: Antique Jade and Brown Copper

 Canyon Sunset Cheek Melange (Limited Edition) 

Canyon Sunset ($40) is a cheek and face compact containing three individual shades: a bright peachy-rose, a rosy plum, and a pale pink. When using all three of these blended together the overall look is quite warm. I apply this with a light hand otherwise it will be a bit too dark on me, but it is a really pretty and flattering shade. The powder has a lovely soft and smooth texture and provides a satin finish. The shimmer you see on the surface is just an over spray. If you are interested in purchasing Canyon Sunset, I recommend visiting The Beauty Look Book for excellent photos and swatches of the three shades individually and also stop by Best Things in Beauty for a detailed review. This is a limited edition item, but you may still be able to track it down at your local counter and as of this writing it is still available at

Below is an olive and brown eye look I did using the colors featured here. I was disappointed that you can't really see the Chocolate shade in these photos, but I am going to try it again one day using a bit more brown! 

For a beautiful fall look that combines brown and olive tones such as these I recommend viewing Tiffany D's fall smoky-eye tutorial Changing Leaves


This is about as dramatic as I get when it comes to eye shadow. I would wear this out at night, but probably not to the office. With my skin tone and eye color, olive green has a tendency to wash me out unless I use a lot of black eyeliner and mascara. My own lashes are fairly straight and puny and I thought this look called for something a little more emphatic, so used partial false lashes -- I'm a beginner with false lashes and still getting the hang of how to apply them and how to get them to appear more natural-looking. These aren't perfect, but I hope they don't look too strange! 

For the eye look I used NARS Ponderosa cream shadow as a base and then applied Chocolate all over the lid. I used Pine Bronze on the outer corner and outer crease and Sherazade on the mid- to inner-corner. I used Canyon Clay to blend out the edges along the crease color and Stellar as a highlight. I added black liquid liner, black mascara, and as a final touch, Chanel's single eyeshadow Blazing Gold in the inner corners for more light and sparkle. 

I like Pine Bronze more than I thought I would. It looks somewhat muddy and underwhelming in the pan and in swatches, but looks better on the eyes and I think it's an interesting alternative to black or charcoal for a smoky-eye. It pairs nicely with the shimmery golden-olive Sherazade. I was not happy with Stellar as a highlight for this particular look as it has a very slight pink tinge that did not mesh well with the other shades. It's nice though, as it is not overly shimmery or frosty. 

On cheeks is Canyon Sunset Cheek Melange and on lips, Shiseido's LC1 Automatic Lip Crayon. 

Thanks for reading and have a great week! 


  1. This is a beautiful look! I was very impressed when I swatched Laura Mercier Fall. The shadows were so pigmented and pretty.

  2. the look you created is gorgeous... I'm really sweet on Chocolate and Canyon Sunset... my makeup ban isn't going to last I fear :)

  3. Hi Martha - Thank you!! :) I thought it was a nice collection & especially liked the Chocolate shade when I first saw it & Pine Bronze is a little different than anything else I have. xx

  4. Hi Lucy, Thank you! I'm loving these shades for fall. I know what you mean, I am on a makeup "low buy" but not sticking to it very well! :)

  5. *sigh* beautiful pics of beautiful products! And they all look amazing on you. I think I may have to purchase the Antique Jade liner, though it's quite similar to my LM Caviar Eye Stick in khaki.

    I already have Stellar but would also love Sherazade.

    Nic x

  6. Hi Strawberry Blonde, Thanks very much! I love the Caviar Eye Sticks but have only the purple (I believe it is Amethyst?) Sherazade is very pretty - I think it may be similar to MAC's Golden Olive but more subtle :)

  7. The greens and coppery colors look amazing with your eye color! So very, very lovely.

  8. The eye look you have done is just beautiful, the blending of the edges is faultless.
    I was very tempted by this collection, I nearly bought Chocolate then realised I already had it in my 2010 Colour Wardrobe, clearly I have too much makeup ;)

  9. sheesh, what a gorgeous eye look. i love how you made all the colors soft and blend seamlessly with each other. love the effect the shades have against your eye color.

  10. They're soooooooooooo pretty. And you should totally wear the eye look to the office - it's not too "out there" at all! It's a gorgeous look. :)

  11. Thank you Larie for the sweet comment!

    Thank you Replica! The Canyon Clay shade really helped with blending out the edges. lol I know what you mean about too much makeup! I'm tempted to make a spreadsheet with an inventory of what I have so I don't accidentally buy the same shade over again!

    Hi kellyyes, Thanks so much! I had been wanting to do an olive-brown look for a while - glad I finally tried these products out :)

    Hi Liz, Thank you! I may just give it a go at the office! :-) I liked the theme of this collection a lot. The shades are a little different than the same old colors I usually go for!

  12. I still want that Pine Bronze - I wonder if it's still available.

    Very pretty eye look!

  13. This is certainly a case where the colors look even better when worn than in the pan. The colors have so much depth, especially pine bronze, that I can almost feel the nature behind the inspiration from your look. This has me imagining red rock canyons dotted with scraggly pines. Ah, I'm getting carried away again ... =)

  14. Hi Lexi, Thank you! :)It is still available at Laura ($22)

    Hi Dovey, That sounds like beautiful scenery! You have such a great artistic imagination :-)

  15. This look is really, really lovely on you.

  16. Thanks very much Maggie S. for the kind comment! :)

  17. Thank you Ava! This is a great collection :)


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