Saturday, November 19, 2011

Le Metier de Beaute Kaleidoscope: Come One, Come All

I learned about the Come One, Come All Kaleidoscope thanks to the lovely and in-the-know Charleston Girl at Best Things in Beauty. 75 units of this special edition palette were created specifically for the Nordstrom in Montgomery Mall, Bethesda, Maryland. About two weeks ago I purchased it over the phone, sight unseen (admittedly not always the wisest thing to do!), but from the photos I saw on the web it looked like just my kind of palette.

Come One, Come All contains a beautiful selection of shades in a wider range of tones from light to dark than the Silk Road palette from earlier this season. For this reason I think it will be more versatile, although these are both great palettes. As you'll see further below I included a comparison to Silk Road and last year's Splendid Frost. As it turns out, I already own three of the shades in Come One, Come All. (Yep, that's right, three of the shades!) ...But...I love them (and LMdB shadows in general) so although it would have been fun to have something new, in the end I'm happy to welcome Come One, Come All into my small but growing collection of Kaleidoscopes. Oh yeah, and I got the most wonderful and unexpected gift with purchase: a credit-card sized Marchesa palette! Score :) 

Don't ya just love Nordstrom's elegant gift boxes? 

Ooh and a Bulgari sample, that's nice too...

Marchesa Le Soleil palette by Keren Craig

The Marchesa palette includes a bronzer, concealer, "Le Caramel" lip gloss, "La Rougeur" cream blush and "Le Fauve" eye shadow.

Let's have a closer look at the four shades that make up this palette, starting from bottom to top:

"Bethesda Brown"

"Montgomery Mauve"


"Tawni Taupe"


"Haute Honey"


Clockwise: Come One, Come All; Silk Road; and Splendid Frost

Silk Road palette is on the left and Come One, Come All palette is on the right

The brown and the red-plum shades in both of these are identical; however, in the Silk Road palette the plum is known as "Ikat" and the brown shade is called "Brocade". 

Left to right: Come One, Come All's "Tawni Taupe" and Splendid Frost's "Crystal Ball"
(I sure don't mind having two of these as this is my idea of a holy grail taupe!)

Before publishing this post I called Montgomery Mall to see if any of these palettes were still available but was told they are sold out, which is not surprising given the small number made. But as seasoned LMdB fans know, there is sure to be something new and equally gorgeous to look forward to just on the horizon!  

*update 11/21* Also, if you haven't already, stop by Beauty Look Book for excellent photos and review of this palette.

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  1. That is just stunning, I do think they should have given the same shades the same name as past kits though so people know what they are getting.That GWP looks great, what a lovely surprise. I get the feeling Le Metier might not be returning to the UK so its nice to have a good stare at your lovely pics :) x

  2. Thank you so much for this. I was watching one of these on eBay at a very high price and kicking myself for missing out but as I have the other kits and you say the colours are identical (well, 3 out of 4) I feel that might have been a very good thing! x

  3. I think you have the most detailed swatches anywhere on the Internet. The two lighter shades look especially gorgeous on your arm. I'm glad I have both Come One, Come All and Silk Road; I envy your Splendid Frost! I hear the deep blue shade is especially beautiful.

  4. Hi Replica, I agree, it would be good for shades to keep the same name within different palettes. I was sooo happy to get the little Marchesa palette :) Aw, too bad they are not in the UK - it would be great if they became available with free shipping online someday! :)

    Hi Lipstick Luvvie, Yes, it is probably a good thing since you already have the other kits! Money saved for the next beautiful thing :)

    Hi prettyaspeaches, I'm in love with the taupe! :)

    Hi Leigh, thank you - the two lighter shades are beautiful! Splendid Frost was my very first Kaleidoscope purchase. It would be great if they were to offer that same blue as a single!

  5. I'm in love with Come One, Come All and sadface that I can't get this in Canada. I don't understand why our luxury department store doesn't carry LMdB!

  6. Hi Liz, aw :( It is a great line and I wish it were easier for our Canadian friends to get hold of!

  7. Wish I could get it... Looks so beautiful!

  8. The taupe is to die for! I remember seeing it for the first time in Splendid Frost at the mall. Your images are so beautiful every single time. I am still having a hard time committing to LMdB's eyeshadows but perhaps one day I will purchase one. For now, I shall live vicariously through you :)

  9. Hi Marina, Aw, sorry it's no longer available. It is really lovely...

    Hi Kristie, Yes, I think the taupe is definitely my favorite! Thanks so much - I always love your great photographs as well :)

  10. I love the packaging of the eyeshadows! Never tried this brand but it looks fancy LOL

  11. Mine should be arriving any day! Are you serious though? Those 3 shades are IDENTICAL? That is kinda heartbreaking. :-( I mean I love them so backup are nice I guess but I was hoping for something new.

  12. Hi katherine, LMdB has very nice shadows and lip glosses - can be pricey but the quality is great! :)

    Hi PerilouslyPale, I know what you mean. I was expecting something different, but to me they do appear to be identical to those others. :( Let me know what you think when you get yours!

  13. Oh my goodness - so gorgeous. I am so jealous! Will you be posting a EOTD with that new palette? I know it's gorgeous with your eye color!

  14. Beautiful swatches! I really enjoy wearing the Silk Road kaleidoscope, it has become one of my favorite palettes. The packaging of your Nordstrom gift box and the surprise Marchesa palette look lovely, is it bad that I feel like gifting myself something wrapped up in that delightful packaging? I'm such a packaging sucker!!! ;)

  15. Hi Lexi, I should do an EOTD to show the colors better but in the morning when I go to work the light is sooo bad the pics never come out well! Will try to give it a shot this week when I'm out of work for Thanksgiving :)

    Hi Lakshmi, Silk Road is great, isn't it... It's always fun to get something wrapped nicely -- you should treat yourself! It was a nice touch as I thought it would just come in a plain shipping box :)

  16. Gorgeous! Especially that taupe. But it looks so warm, so it's out for me. I have been meaning to say I love your new blog design, too.

  17. Hi ZP, It is a stellar palette! Yes, those two bottom colors are really what makes it so warm. Thanks so much!! :)


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