Friday, November 4, 2011

Shopping: Anthropologie

I took a couple of days off from work and had some free time to do a little browsing yesterday. At this time of year its fun to stop by and take a look at the holiday displays. Anthropologie is one of my favorite stores to spend time in as they have such an eclectic range of artfully displayed merchandise.  They really do have one of the best selections of unique and beautiful Christmas ornaments. 

I love the Tocca perfume bottle design (I'm sorry you can't see it all that well in the photo above!). Two of my favorites scents from this line are the tea-based Bianca and the soft floral Giulietta. 

I quite like this mirror! Reassembled Mirror, $498.

Love the bird design on these towels.

Aren't these cute? 

I'd like to go back and get a couple of these purple glass ornaments. I really like the color! 
Top tier: Paint in Color ornament, $28; bottom tier: Candy Orb ornament (large) $18.

Love the peacock detailing on this lampshade.


Fireside Feelings ornament, $28

It's not every day you come across anteater  armadillo ornaments! Sparkled Armadillo ornament, $16. 

Snow Stag ornament, $16.

I really love these fish ornaments too. I'm such a magpie for anything sparkly!
Sparkled Koi and Sparkled Snapper ornaments, $16. 

Left to right:  Fly Away blouse, $168 and Dulcie dress, $158.

This little cocktail dress is so pretty and perfect for a holiday party. 
Lace & Light dress, $258.

What came home with me? This little guy for my Christmas tree (Wee Mammoth ornament, $16): 

Hope you enjoyed this little virtual shopping trip, and thank you for visiting! 

Special thanks to the gracious staff at Anthropologie, Village of Merrick Park, for allowing me to photograph in their store. 


  1. I don't think I've ever seriously looked at an anthro store because I'm not a very vintage person =) However, I'm entranced by all those ornaments! I would love to have a white fluffy/furry animal tree (with some wooly mammoths mixed in, of course). The deconstructed and reconstructed mirror is very fun too. Would love to have that =)

  2. Hi Dovey, They do have a great ornaments! And a lot of interesting home items. A white fluffy/furry animal tree sounds so cute :)

  3. What an amazing store - such a treasure trove!! This would be a must-see for me. Beautiful post.

  4. Hi Vita, Thank you! :) It's a great store & they always have something new and interesting!

  5. I rarely buy anything from Anthropologie but love looking around in there from time to time. Doesn't it feel like you're in there for half the day because there's so much to look at? Sometimes I stumble out and think, 'Rats, back in the real world.' lol

    I was there last week and saw a lot of the same stuff, though I definitely did not see the adorable white owls! *want the entire army of them*

    Beautiful photographs, MM. :)

  6. Hi Liz, Thanks! :) I know what you mean, there is so much to look at! Those owls are cute! I may go back and get one of those sparkly fish ornaments :)

  7. Hi Marina, Thank you! :) I love looking in Anthropologie, it feels like you're a guest in a very stylish & eccentric friend's giant loft apartment :)


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