Saturday, December 10, 2011

Paul & Joe Holiday Ornamental Collection Polishes

I like Paul & Joe's approach to holiday this year. Instead of the requisite seasonal poinsettia reds, evergreens, and golds and silvers, they have offered us a selection of candy-colored hues of lilac and strawberry pink, a sheer iridescent apple green, a glittering winter blue, and a sparkling golden-bronze. When I see these colors I am reminded of gum drops and shiny glass baubles. These are limited edition shades and come in a pretty pistachio green & silver box (shown above).  I got these at and also recommend for Paul & Joe items.

My favorite shade is Merrily on High-- it may not be entirely unique, but I think it is such a pretty and delicate shade of lavender with a bit of smokiness that gives it a sophisticated edge (but it could just be that my love for all things purple is causing me to be biased towards this one!). The bronze, Home for Christmas, and pink, Rockin' Around..., are fairly sheer so need three or more coats to reach their full potential. The others have a more opaque formula, except of course for the translucent flake glitter, Hallelujah, which is best used as a topcoat. The blue O, Holy Night, has a lot of coarse-grain glitter throughout. At first glance, this color reminds me of Zoya's Noel and Crystal, all lovely shades of icy denim blue with a touch of teal. 

There are also corresponding shades of "self-select" eye shadows offered in this collection that come packaged in a cute ornamental box. I haven't purchased any of them, but am so tempted by the bronze shade! 


in flash lighting
in sunlight indoors 

in low light indoors

in shade

in bright sunlight

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  1. Gorgeous pictures! Hallelujah is a pretty topcoat, I picked it up myself recently. Thanks for sharing your swatches :)

  2. Oh, good lord. What a beautiful bronze-gold! *swoons*

  3. What cheery shades, I really like the look of Merrily on High and Rockin' Around.
    Your baubles are great, I feel a bit Christmasy now :)

  4. very sweet! thanks for swatchs)!

  5. Are the ornaments yours? I can't believe how perfectly these colours correspond! You have a great eye for these things. Looks like a very festive holiday season is coming up! :)

  6. They look lovely! Are they scented like the polishes in their regular line? Unfortunately the scent of their polishes give me a migraine, hope the ones in this collection aren't as bothering to my nose. Your photos look great by the way :)

  7. Thank you Ali, Hallelujah is so pretty and unique, I think! :)

    Hi Rae, it is pretty and sparkly but sheer! I still like it though :)

    Hi Replica, thanks! they are very cheery aren't they? Are you ready for Christmas? It seems like this month is going by so quickly!

    Hi Christina, Thank you - they are fun colors :)

    Hi Liz, Yep, the ornaments were in storage from a few years ago (I think they were from Target). I thought they would go well with these polishes :) & glitter is so photogenic :)

    Hi Anonymous, Sorry to hear about that, I know what you mean! I do detect a scent like their regular line, but it doesn't seem to be quite as strong.

  8. Eeks, so pretty!!! I especially like the look of Merrily on High :-)

  9. Hi Lyn, Thanks for commenting. I'm loving these colors for holiday. I think Merrily on High may be my favorite! :)

  10. You have such beautiful and creative posts. I'd love to find somewhere that sells Paul and Joe that would ship USPS to Alaska, but I have book marked it in case I don't. Dying for the rose and the topcoat.

  11. Hi Polarbelle, thanks so much for the kind comment! Sorry to hear it is so difficult to get USPS shipping to Alaska. There are a lot of similar topcoats, but this one is fairly unique I think, with that square flake glitter.


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