Monday, February 13, 2012

Violets & Roses

Hi everyone! I hope your week is off to a great start. Today's post is all about two of my favorite flowers, colors, and fragrance notes: violet and rose. I thought it would also be fitting to include some of the new limited edition polishes from the Roses Ultimes de Chanel collection. Scroll to the end for swatches of these. 

One of my favorite soliflore fragrances is Annick Goutal's La Violette. This was a limited edition fragrance released a few years ago, but I noticed over the weekend that it is available again. For anyone fond of violet scents, this one is definitely worth a try! To me, it is a more sophisticated and longer-lasting version of the inexpensive, traditional Spanish and Cuban violet waters sold in drugstores, such as Augustin Reyes' Royal Violets, Para Mi Bebe or Crusellas, just to name a few. I'm not sure if these violet waters are as common in other parts of the U.S., but if you grew up in Miami, you are surely familiar with them. They are traditionally used as splashes for infants and children, but are worn by many adults as well. The sweet powdery violet scent is actually one of my very first fragrance memories. Many of the young girls in the grade school I attended wore generous amounts of the stuff on a daily basis. So, I guess you could say the violet scent is a nostalgic one for me. 

Over the holidays I purchased these two Diptyque candles. They are pricey so I burn them sparingly, but when I come home from work my bedroom smells divine! 

A few of the fragrances I own that are based on rose or have strong rose notes are Jo Malone's Red Roses, Lancome's Mille & Une Roses, YSL's Paris Roses Enchantees (a limited-edition spring-time version of the original Paris), MAC's Dejarose, and Bond No. 9's West Side. I've read and heard repeatedly that rose scents are associated with little old ladies but I don't care! I love them anyway. Many, many years ago, while in middle school, my friends and I used and loved the unabashedly cheap old classic, Perfumer's Workshop Tea Rose, and I recall thinking as a child that the fragrance of my mom's rose-scented Avon body cream in the little pink tub was so pretty!


A few years ago I was briefly into jewelry-making and beading. I got these little coral rosettes at one of the many bead and gem shops downtown in the jewelry district and attached them to sterling silver posts.
Earrings from Sorreli, purchased at Nordstrom a few years ago.

L'Epi de Provence's Violet Moss and MAC's Asphalt Flower  

I purchased this little flacon of Guerlain's Insolence parfum from the Guerlain boutique in "France" at EPCOT in Walt Disney World. At 0.25 oz, the bottle is diminutive, but a little drop of this potent, candied-violet elixir goes a long way! 

Bulgari's Blu II is not composed entirely of violet, but I definitely detect a violet note in there somewhere! It's a nice, everyday sort of fragrance.   

Van Cleef & Arpel's Feerie in Eau de Parfum strength (sapphire blue bottle), and Eau de Toilette (light blue bottle). 

 Liz Palacios San Francisco necklace, purchased at Nordstrom a few years ago.


Below is a closer look at three of the new Chanel polishes along with a sampling of violet and rose shades from my collection. I purchased Frisson, a sheer pale pink with shimmer that's very similar to Mica Rose but with warmer-toned, slightly larger shimmer particles; Distraction, a beautiful salmon creme with subtle rose shimmer; and Tentation, a shimmery, vibrant blue-rose/magenta that's really gorgeous, if not particularly unique. (Also offered in the collection, but not shown here, is the shade Attraction--a frosty, retro looking white-pearl shade.)  

  1. Chanel Frisson 
  2. Chanel Mica Rose
  3. Paul & Joe #10
  4. OPI Pink Friday
  5. Butter London Rosie Lee
  6. Chanel Distraction
  7. Paul & Joe #010
  8. Rimmel English Rose
  9. Sephora by OPI Casanova Is So Into Me 
  10. OPI Kiss Me On My Tulips 
  11. OPI It's All Greek To Me 
  12. Jessica Seductress
  13. Chanel Tentation
  14. OPI Love is a Racket 
  15. Paul & Joe #012 
  16. Dolce & Gabbana Love
  17. Zoya Cyma
  18. Leighton Denny Best Seller 

  1. Sephora Amethyst Stiletto
  2. NARS Diamond Life
  3. Sephora Girls Want Tenderness 
  4. Sally Hansen Violet Voltage
  5. Sephora by OPI Violet's Just Get Married
  6. Zoya Tru
  7. Zoya Lotus
  8. Cover Girl Violet Vision
  9. Rescue Beauty Lounge Catherine H. 
  10. Butter London No More Waity Katy
  11. Dolce & Gabbana Amethyst
  12. Sephora Full Moon Party 
  13. Butter London HRH
  14. Revlon No Shrinking Violet 
  15. Laura Mercier Twilight 
  16. Leighton Denny Embellish Me  
  17. China Glaze Sweet Hook 
  18. Sephora by OPI Sin-cerely Violet

Wishing everyone a lovely Valentine's Day. Whether or not you are single or in a relationship, I hope you have the chance to do something you enjoy today! 


  1. Your photos are always so amazing, I don't even have words. I love all the variety and purity and Lovely. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Hi Amy, Aw, thank you very much for the sweet comment! This was a fun post to put together! :)

  3. Beautiful pictures!!! I love diptyque as well - have u tried eat deulle

  4. Hi Tracy, Thank you!! I haven't tried it yet but it sounds intriguing! I would love to get more Dyptique candles in the future and also try some of their fragrances :)

  5. Good lord. Hugely in love with these photos, my dear! <3 Haven't read the post yet (hrrrngh, too tired to use my brain), but will do so first thing in the morning! :o)

  6. Lovely photos! Happy St.Valentine's Day!)

  7. Your pictures are wonderful; as always very creative. I particularly LOVE the swatch wheels. I just get such a feeling of contentment swatching and looking at swatch wheels. I love to see the comparisons and contrasts of similar colors. Just love, love, love your swatch wheels.

  8. Honestly I think this is probably the most beautiful post you've put together :)

  9. Hi Rae, Thanks so much! I know what you mean, I was so tired when I finished this post last night I hope it all ends up making sense! Good thing I can always go back and edit :)

    Hi Vasilina, Thanks very much! Happy Valentine's Day!

    Hi Vita, Thank you!! It would be fun to do a roses & violets for eye & lip products, too - if I can find the free time! :)

    Hi Julia, Happy Valentines Day!

  10. I think this is probably the most beautiful blog post that I have ever seen. You compose pictures so well and what a classy boudoir you have! Thank you so much for taking the time to share as I realise how long it must have taken to put together. Happy Valentine's Day! x

  11. Thank you Jane for the kind words! :) I stayed up late working on this -- it is surprising how time consuming blogging can be. It's usually fun taking and editing the photos, except for this one I was so rushed trying to get it posted for Valentine's Day! Have a lovely day! :)

  12. MM,
    As always lovely post. I love your flower pictures - definitly put a smile on my face! Since you love violets and roses, you must smell Frederic Malle's Lipstick Rose if you haven't already. I have a sample of it and it smells lovely but when I put it on my skin, it's a bit too sweet.

  13. Such gorgeous photos, as always! I love the purples and the rose deeply romantic.

  14. Hi Lexi, Thank you! :) I have been wanting to try Lipstick Rose for such a long time! I will see if I can get hold of a sample :)

    Hi Larie, thank you! :) I thought these colors would be just perfect for a Valentine post!

  15. My word. Every time I think I've seen one the most beautiful posts yet from you, you go and top yourself. My brain, she cannot take so much prettiness!

  16. Hi Maggie, Thanks so much for the kind comment - it made me smile :) I guess this is about as pretty & "girly" a post as I'll ever do :)

  17. Such gorgeous photographs! This post is wonderfully romantic and displays some absolutely stunning products (not to mention the gorgeous flowers). Thank you for compiling such a stunning, wonderfully relaxing post.

    Happy Valentine's Day!
    ♥ Jessica

    1. Thanks Jessica!! Flowers are so naturally gorgeous - they are among my favorite thing to photograph! Happy Valentine's Day :)

  18. I absolutely love your nail wheels! And amazing photography as usual! X

    1. Hi Mercedes, thank you! I really like choosing the colors for the nail wheels! And it reminds me to use some colors I haven't tried in a while. x :)

  19. You never cease to amaze me with the beauty of your photography! You have such an eye for beauty. I long for your talent!

    1. Hi Christa, Thanks so much! I love your photography & you are amazingly talented and skilled at choosing colors that coordinate so well and apply them like a pro! :)

  20. I'm speechless, every image was absolutely perfect! Thanks for the eye candy as I try very hard to stay away from the kind that I can eat!!! :)
    Just wanted to point out a couple of things.. first don't you think Distraction looks like Miami peach minus the shimmer? Also I found that Frisson is just gorgeous as a topper to shades like Rose Cache and Tickle My Francey, gives them an extra sparkle.
    Another glitter nailpolish I've been meaning to tell you about is the Sally Hansen Gem Crush ones: these are serious glitter and go opaque very quick. I got the one called Big Money, I think you'll love it too: its a lovely champagne/gold glitter with slightly bigger pink glitter dispersed in it!!! Gorgeous!! I used it on an accent nail on a Tickle my Francey manicure and I loved it, check it out if you like...

  21. Hi Lakshmi, Thank you! I should probably stay away from candy myself! I had too many sweets today :)

    I don't have Miami Peach, but based on swatches I've seen online it does look like a similar tone but maybe a bit lighter? Distraction has this very subtle pink shimmer to it in the bottle, which doesn't really show up much on the nails. It's very pretty though!

    Great suggestion to use Frisson as a topper - I must give that a try! It's perfect for that since it is one the sheer side.

    I do love the Sally Hansen Gem Crush glitters! I think Big Money is the most beautiful & unique among them. It's great to see affordable brands coming out with really great polishes that rival those from the higher-end brands! :)

  22. Happy Valentine's Day! I love the imagery here--- the delicate lavender bow, the crystal earrings, the fairies, and perfumes! The violet color wheel is beautiful too :)

  23. Hi Dovey, Thank you! You know I love me some purple & violet :) I hope you had a great Valentine's Day! :-)

  24. I loved this post! I also am a big fan of violet and rose. This was a wonderful luxurious post. Thanks.

  25. This is the prettiest post EVER! You have such a gift making everything seem 10x more beautiful than they actually are. I've loved the Van Cleef & Arpel perfume bottles forever so seeing them here made me so excited. :D

  26. Hi Liz, Aw thank you!! The Van Cleef & Arpel bottles are pretty, aren't they? I heard they recently released a new version of Feerie that comes in a white bottle :)

  27. What a stunning post - just exquisite in every way!

    Nic xx

  28. Hi Strawberry Blonde, Thanks so much! xx

    Hi BGissm, Thank you!!:) xx

  29. Wow, really beautiful and well-captured photographs. Those Chanel polishes are absolutely gorgeous, love!

    1. Thank you!! So sorry for the very, very late response. For some reason I was unable to see these comments until now...

  30. OMG I love your blog!!!
    Chanel nail polishes are awesome, can't wait to buy them!!!

  31. I just recently found your blog and i love the way that you find Beauty everywhere! That is very inspiring!

    1. Thanks for the kind comment! :) I think my favorite place of all to find beauty is in nature (flowers, trees, landscapes, animal life) :)

  32. One of my favorite soliflore fragrances is Annick Goutal's La Violette. ...


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