Saturday, September 15, 2012

Lancome Color Design Infinite Shadow: Always Fuchsia

Here is a closer look at Lancome's new Color Design InfinitĂ© shadow in the shade Always Fuchsia -- a beautiful shimmery magenta with very fine silvery micro-sparkles. I don't own any shades that are exactly like Always Fuchsia, but found a few to compare that were somewhat similar. Although it is much more red-toned, I included L'Oreal's Glistening Garnet just in case anyone who owns that shade is curious about how it compares.

I am a big fan of this type of color (which I like to think of as boysenberry rather than fuchsia), especially for accessories, sweaters and scarves. I also love it for nail polish, particularly in non-metallic form. As an eye shadow, I think it looks great paired with smoky plum, eggplant, chocolate brown, or even copper, gold and bronze, and flatters any eye color.


  1. Lancome - Always Fuchsia 
  2. Lancome - Camisole 
  3. L'Oreal - Glistening Garnet 
  4. Estee Lauder - Lavender Star 
  5. MAC - Satellite Dreams 
  6. MAC - Butterfly Party 
  7. MAC - Mating Call 
  8. MAC - Swish 

If you were going to wear a shade like Always Fuchsia, what other colors would you choose to pair with it? What lip and cheek shades do you think work best when wearing shades like this on eyes? 

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  1. I love these types of colours! I would pair this colour with either a neutral/nude lip and keep the focus on the eyes.

    1. Hi ahhhsoNeo, They would look perfect with a neutral lip! :)

  2. love these colors ! Love the comparison you did.
    Go visit

  3. I like your new Lancome but *oh my*: Mac Butterfly Party = ♥

    1. Hi birkinbagbeauty, I LOVE Butterfly Party too, it is really beautiful :)

  4. I like how warm this is! Would probably look really good with a shimmery taupe like MUFE Aqua Cream 15

    1. Hi The Procrastinator, Thank you! I will definitely give it a try with taupe :)


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